Special event
May 18
12 Noon - 2 PM

$45 Members
$60 Non-members

SEIU Conference Center
1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
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Retention Roadmap: The Guide to Converting, Retaining, and Reactivating More Donors

How much does retention matter? The answer will shock you! Join us on Thursday, May 18 for another great DMAW Lunch & Learn of “can’t miss” retention facts, tactics, and techniques to grow your file without bursting your budget! Caity Craver, CEO of DonorTrends and Ben Miller, Chief Analytic Officer at DonorTrends will present Retention Roadmap: The Guide to Converting, Retaining, and Reactivating More Donors

In 60-minutes we’ll uncover:

  • Retention metrics, how to calculate, how often and how to set your strategy to improve
  • Retention benchmarks (does size and channel matter? Of course, but find out how much)
  • The math behind successful retention/reactivation and acquisition strategies
  • Showcase Showdown: Retention vs. Value, does it make sense to keep low dollar donors if only to improve your retention?
  • Growth versus net efficiency: How to strike a balance
  • Retention DonorDashboard — how your peers track and react to three key monthly retention metrics
  • The TRUMP BUMP – how to navigate and adjust for national political sentiment



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Caity Craver, CEO, DonorTrends

Caity Craver is CEO of DonorTrends, the data analytics firm providing affordable and easy to use segmentation tools to nonprofits of all sizes. A 19 year fundraising veteran who helped grow Habitat for Humanity, Heifer Project International and other household names in American charity, Caity heads a team of top fundraisers, statisticians and actuaries dedicated to de-mystifying analytics by providing proven tools that improve fundraising revenue and retention. She’s proud to work alongside some of the most respected leaders and brands in the industry.


Ben Miller, Chief Analytic Officer, DonorTrends

Benjamin Miller is a consummate entrepreneur drawing upon degrees in mathematics and systems engineering to advance database marketing in the non-profit industry. Ben Miller is the Chief Analytic Officer at DonorTrends, and has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars from millions of donors over his career.


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