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May 09
8 AM - 2 PM

$240 Members
$275 Non-members

Hyatt Regency Crystal City
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
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Data Strategy Forum (formerly List Bazaar)

Early-bird Registration (Ends Tuesday, April 11)
Registration Rates: $200 DMAW Member / $175 DMAW Member (Nonprofit)
Registration Rates: $240 DMAW Nonmember / $195 Non-member (Nonprofit)

Regular Registration (Beginning Wednesday, April 12)
Registration Rates: $240 DMAW Member / $175 DMAW Member (Nonprofit)
Registration Rates: $275 DMAW Nonmember / $195 Non-member (Nonprofit)

Please note, a limited number of hotel rooms are being offered at discounted rates at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City for DMAW Data Strategy Forum attendees. To view options, pricing and availability, please click here.

Registration fee includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Breaks.

As a list broker, manager or owner in this multi-channel world, join us at Data Strategy Forum (formerly List Bazaar) to learn the strategies you need to help you succeed! This is THE event that serves our important list community, presenting a day of expert-led educational sessions, offering networking opportunities, and more to help brokers find the list resources they need.


8-8:30 AM — Registration and Breakfast/Networking –Washington Foyer

8:30-8:35 AM — Welcome Remarks — Washington Room

8:35-9:35 AM — Keynote Address: The Past, Present and Future of Big Data — Washington Room
Dr. Charles Stryker, Founder/CEO, Venture Development Center

9:35-10:35 AM — Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1A — Potomac 5/6
Machine Learning — Buzzword or Buzzsaw?
There’s a revolution happening before our eyes — and screens. What is Machine Learning — it’s history, definition, and social impact thus far? How has Machine Learning moved from the conceptual lab to impact our lives as marketers? Where has it been best deployed — and where will it be directed next? Our esteemed experts shed bright light on the mind of the machine — and the change it means for us all!

Moderator: Bruce Demaree, President, DonorBase

  • Wayne Folta, Data Scientist, Elder Research
  • Bill Porto, Sr. Engineering Analyst, RedPoint Global

Breakout Session 1B — Conference Theater
The Unique Value of Lists
In an era of “big data” marketing, what does the future hold for list creation, management, and monetization? What will drive the unique value of “traditional” list sources in a quickly changing data landscape? Given the wealth of data becoming available to marketers, where are our new opportunities for valuable audience creation? Our panel of tenured industry colleagues examine what the list future holds!

Moderator: Zachary Carpenter, Director of Brokerage, NOVA List Company

  • David Dotson, Managing Partner Data Acquisition, ALC
  • Len Zargo, Director, Business & Media Sales Development, RMI Direct Marketing, Inc.
  • Roger Hiyama, Vice President, Client Services, Wiland

10:35-11:00 AM — Networking Break — Washington Foyer

11:00-12:00 N — Concurrent Breakout Sessions 

Breakout Session 2A — Potomac 5/6
The Future is Now: Political Campaigns in 2017
Our political landscape feels energized and contentious — what does it mean for political messaging and fundraising? Are we migrating from cyclical to year-round campaigns? What should we expect in terms of data use and advertising channels? Join our well-renown experts for a lively exploration of this turbulent sector and future campaigns may look like — now!

Moderator: Tom Robertson, Owner, C & P Lists

  • Richard Viguerie, Chairman,
  • Roger Craver, Editor, The Agitator / Principal, DonorTrends / Co-Founder, DonorVoice

Breakout Session 2B — Conference Theater
The Direct/Digital Dance
Digital channels have become cornerstones of successful fundraising efforts. Learn how the emergence of multi-channel marketing is affecting data use, campaign evaluation, and budgeting decisions. With deep experience in both online and offline marketing, our experts uncover the trends, successes, and challenges of balancing direct with digital and marketing across all channels!

Moderator: Mark Clark, President, NOVA List Company

  • Judah Fontz, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, VeraData
  • Kevin Peters, Senior Vice President of Data & Strategy, NextAfter
  • Tracy Allman Dietz, Chief Executive Officer, DonorBureau

12 N-1:30 PM — Progressive Lunch — Washington Room

1:30 – 2:00 PM — Town Hall — Washington Room

2:00 PMEND

(Agenda subject to change.)

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Charles Stryker, Founder/CEO, Venture Development Center

Dr. Stryker is the Founder and CEO of the Venture Development Center, Inc. VDC is the leading provider of data strategy and data sourcing to many of the major information services providers. His clients include Acxiom, LexisNexis, TransUnion, and many other global information firms. In addition, many of the world’s largest brands look to his firm to insure they are familiar with and effectively using “Big Data” techniques. These clients include: IBM, Cisco, Disney, Time Inc. and many others. His firm is retained by more than 100 of the leading new “Big Data" companies including Uber Media, Profound Networks, and Stat Social. Previously, Dr. Stryker was a President of InfoGroup, was on the faculty of the Wharton School, and has invested and served on many boards of information companies of both public and private. In 2014 he was selected as the Data Innovator of the Year by the direct marketing industry and he recently gave a popular TED Talk on the subject of Big Data. Dr. Stryker received the BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and the PhD In Computer Science from New York University.


Keynote: The Past, Present and Future of Big Data

Summary: Today, we hear more and more about the power of Big Data and Analytics. This presentation, “The Past, Present and Future of Big Data” will overview the Big Data ecosystem that fuels modern analytical platforms. Just a few years ago there were a limited number of data resources available to enable better marketing decisions. Today there are hundreds of new data sources and more become available every day. This new data explosion is setting the stage for a new era that will continue to transform the way we make marketing and sales decisions. This presentation will describe these trends and describe how to take full advantage of this new and exciting resource.


Wayne Folta, Data Scientist, Elder Research

Wayne Folta enjoys diving into a new problem spaces, clarifying customer needs and objectives, and using sophisticated tools and analysis to turn their data into insights. His major technical interests are time-series and predictive analytics. As a prior government employee and contractor, Wayne developed software in the intelligence community. He has also worked with several states on predictive analytics projects involving unemployment insurance, and with the Department of Labor involving return-to-work and other areas. Wayne earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from George Mason University; he is also an alumnus of the University of Maryland and the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Bill Porto, Sr. Engineering Analyst, RedPoint Global

Bill Porto is an expert in applying computational intelligence to solve real-world problems across various problem domains. As senior analytics engineer at RedPoint Global, he develops automated business optimization software that incorporates evolutionary optimization, neural networks, and a host of other non-traditional machine learning techniques. An applied mathematician by trade, Bill has created adaptive solutions to dynamic problems for resource allocation, pattern recognition, drug discovery, and logistics scheduling. Before RedPoint, he was president of Natural Selection, Inc. where he received the 2010 FDA Honor Award for his work on their PREDICT automated risk-assessment system.


David Dotson, Managing Partner, ALC Southwest

David has 25+ years of direct marketing experience – with both nonprofit and for profit experience. He started his career at Gnames Enterprises and then Contact Solutions. And for the past 14 years has been Managing Partner of ALC Southwest. He is a strategic marketing expert that helps clients achieve optimal results with their data marketing campaigns. Predominately David’s clients are in direct marketing. But many are also in telemarketing, e-mail and digital marketing. And many use David for all of their marketing campaigns – including creative, data, print, production, mail and tracking and analysis. David’s expertise is in finding both the strengths and the weaknesses in marketing campaigns and exercising the strengths while replacing the weaknesses with “best practice” strategies that will both lower the cost per donor/buyer and increase the response rate and overall return on investment.


Len Zargo, Director of Business and Media Sales Development, RMI Direct

All direct marketers face different challenges: be it shrinking list universes, an aging target audience, or a high cost to raise a dollar. If there’s anyone who knows how to help marketers find new audiences and monetize their customer base, it’s Len Zargo. He is uniquely experienced as both a list manager and a list broker and is highly knowledgeable in alternative and digital media programs. For the past 25 years, Len has helped prominent nonprofit organizations, catalog retailers, publishers, and database marketers in the direct mail, email, digital, display, mobile and social channels. Today, he spearheads RMI’s business development initiatives for both offline and online channels.


Roger Hiyama, Vice President, Client Services, Wiland

Roger has always loved working with numbers. From the 4th grade math competitions to tracking sports statistics to watching late night election returns to the stats on his golf round, he’s always been a numbers guy. In his professional life, numbers, data patterns, and the development of audience strategies to solve puzzling business challenges have defined Roger's career and now his focus at Wiland. For the past three decades, Roger has focused on data management, data analytics, email marketing, statistics and predictive modeling, insights, and marketing strategy. Over the past 12 years, he's held senior leadership positions with direct response marketing agencies Merkle, Moore DM Group and Russ Reid Company, combining data-driven strategy with award-winning creative services to raise the funds necessary to help nonprofit organizations change the world. He is an active volunteer and speaker at conferences and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Direct Marketing Association of Washington. A year ago, he returned “home” to work for Phil Wiland – where he started his career 30+ years ago!


Richard Viguerie, Chairman,

Richard Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and 1970s by pioneering the use of computerized direct marketing in the political and ideological spheres. His innovative skills and groundbreaking marketing strategies helped build the conservative movement, which then contributed to the election of Ronald Reagan as the first conservative president of the modern era. Viguerie motivated millions of Americans to participate in politics for the first time, greatly expanding the base of active citizenship. He is our era’s equivalent of Tom Paine, using a direct mail letter rather than a pamphlet to deliver his call to arms. George magazine credited this as one of the defining political movements of the 20th century. Viguerie has mailed more than 4 billion letters in his 50-plus-year direct marketing career. Ronald Reagan’s 1968 campaign manager Cliff White and journalist William Gill wrote in their book Why Reagan Won, “In every election from 1966 onward, the Viguerie Company and its score of imitators brought information to millions of Americans; information that quite often the people could not obtain from newspapers or television or mass-circulation magazines.” The AFL-CIO News said that Viguerie made it all possible for conservatives, and The Washington Post called him “the conservatives’ Voice of America.” In 1979, Time magazine named him one of 50 future leaders of America. In 1981, People magazine named him one of the 25 most intriguing people of the year. In a December 1999 op-ed for The Washington Times, Dr. Lee Edwards cited Viguerie as one of 13 “Conservatives of the Century.” Viguerie’s latest book is Takeover. The Republican Party failed to win key elections because it failed to deliver on its promises to roll back the tide of big government. In Takeover, Viguerie outlines the way to establish limited government constitutional conservatism as the governing philosophy of the Republican Party and bring sanity back to Congress and the White House. Viguerie is the chairman of American Target Advertising, a 52-year-old direct marketing agency based in Northern Virginia. His pioneering use of direct mail in politics continues to enable candidates and causes to raise money from millions of small contributors, rather than from a few "fat cats."


Roger Craver, Editor, The Agitator / Principal, DonorTrends / Co-Founder, DonorVoice

The Wall Street Journal described him as “an assassin of all things right-wing.” The American Association of Political Consultants placed him in their Hall of Fame, and the Direct Marketing Association gave him their Lifetime Achievement Award. Craver helped launch and build some of the household names in the nonprofit advocacy sector: Greenpeace, Common Cause, The National Organization for Women, ACLU, World Wildlife Fund, Habitat for Humanity, The Southern Poverty Law Center and many more. For nearly two decades Roger did the direct response fundraising for the Democratic party and its major senatorial and presidential candidates from George McGovern, to Mo Udall, to Ted Kennedy and also the Independent presidential candidate John Anderson in 1980. Roger got out of political fundraising in 1991 when he resigned the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC in a single day because of the party’s failure to take a strong stand in defense of Anita Hill and against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Roger was the co-founder of the Hotline, the first online daily political news service launched in 1987 and the forerunner to today’s Politico and Axios. He continues to push the envelope and challenge conventional thinking through his daily blog The Agitator and is currently hard at work disrupting the business-as-usual approach to fundraising through three specialized applied research and analytics firms that provide high quality, automated, inexpensive tools and processes designed to boost donor retention and net income—DonorTrends, DonorVoice, and TrueGivers. Finally, he is the author of Retention Fundraising: the art and science of keeping your donors for life. And, somehow miraculously, has maintained a 50-year friendship with Richard Viguerie.


Judah Fontz, EVP/Digital Solutions, Veradata

Judah leads an omnichannel focused team that provides the strategy, planning and execution of digital marketing programs that align with your overall business goals and objectives. Whether working with small/midsize businesses, nonprofits or Fortune 500 companies, Judah and his teams bring keen insight into finding just the right pockets of opportunity through the blending of marketing strategy, audience building, technology, data and analytics. Judah is forward thinking and applies channel agnostic approaches and innovative methodologies to help clients acquire, retain and grow their customer and donor bases. Judah was named a 40 Under 40 Winner by Direct Marketing News in 2013 and was one of the founding team members of VeraData.


Kevin Peters, Senior Vice President of Data & Strategy, NextAfter

As Senior Vice President of Data & Strategy, Kevin works directly with many different nonprofit organizations helping them to raise more money and acquire more donors. Using his background in data analysis and digital marketing, Kevin works with NextAfter clients to create long term fundraising strategies based upon historical data trends and through rigorous testing and continuous optimization. Prior to joining NextAfter, Kevin served in a variety of capacities ranging from digital strategy, web development, and data analytics. This included the management of a team of web developers and data analysts as well as overseeing the strategic fundraising programs of many nonprofit organizations such as Washington National Cathedral, the Chronic Disease Fund, and Buckner International. Kevin has his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and has a master's degree in Education, both from Texas A&M University. He holds certifications in Email Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, and Online Testing from MECLABS. Kevin, his wife, and two children reside in Frisco, TX.


Tracy Dietz, CEO, DonorBureau

Formerly, she was Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at L2 a leading provider of enhanced political data. Dietz grew the relatively small operation into a dominant force in the industry driving both revenue and new product development. During her tenure, Tracy was integral in expanding L2 to a national data provider and was a dominant force behind the development of L2’s online data and analytics platform. During the 2016 election, Dietz was a fixture at the CBS News Decision Desk doing data analysis throughout the long primary season and on the night of the general election. Before L2 Dietz served as Associate Publisher of Campaigns & Elections Magazine, the trade journal of the campaign industry. She also headed the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) in the position of Executive Director. Dietz was an AAPC 40-under-40 winner and one of Campaigns & Elections 50 Influencer’s changing the future of politics. She is also a past President of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Association of Political Consultants. Tracy holds a B.A. in Political Science and Peace, War, and Defense from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her spare time, she follows her two daughters, Addison & Charley, to dance competitions and sporting events.


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