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Lunch and Learn: Best of Bridge Part 2

Digital first: Why translating DM content just won’t cut it

Every fundraiser knows the value of direct mail. Tried and true, it puts your mission right in your supporters’ hands. Direct mail is reliable, and most nonprofits have had direct mail programs, well, forever! So when it comes to building a digital program, it’s tempting to cut and paste the best of your direct mail content and strategy right into digital. It’s a solution, but here’s the cold, hard truth: It’s not a solution that works.

An organization’s digital program needs to be designed with digital in mind, first. Organizations can’t cut and paste and expect to see success — in doing so, they miss out on the opportunity to leverage many of the creative approaches and tactics that make digital so effective for fundraising.

In this session, we’ll dive into the digital-direct mail divide, explore what makes a good digital program and how organizations can produce inspiring creative content made to succeed on digital platforms. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Get creative — for digital. We’ll consider why organizations need fresh, innovative, digital-first creative to pair with their digital program and examine that creative looks like using examples from Covenant House and Partners In Health’s own journeys towards a digital-first approach to their online fundraising. This also means unpacking the many ways in which digital creative differs from direct mail creative — and how user expectations vary across channels.
  • Getting personal. We’ll explore how a unique digital strategy allows organizations to be more personalized in their communications — and why that’s beneficial. In a world where users increasingly expect a 1:1, personalized experience when they engage with the institutions and brands they love, we’ll discuss specific tactics and tools organizations can use to make their digital communications ever-more personal and relevant for users.
  • Rapid response. When disaster strikes, when the president tweets, when the unpredictable occurs — those are the moments that you want to be in-market because that’s when your supporters are most excited to act. We’ll examine how a digital-first strategy allows organizations to take advantage of the news cycle and other external events to convert users quickly.
  • More impact, less time. Because digital is highly efficient, organizations don’t need to carefully calibrate the number of sends per year, or sacrifice engagement and stewardship for fundraising. We’ll cover the ways digital communications allow organizations to cultivate donors and display impact through an array of engagements that won’t break the bank — from petition sign-ons to quizzes to social shares and beautiful, visual storytelling.
  • Always learning. The volume and efficiency of digital allows organizations to test and learn at an impressive scale. We’ll dig into the ways a digital-first strategy leads to learnings that make programs more powerful and effective. Throughout the discussion, we’ll leverage real-life campaigns and creative examples to inspire attendees in their day-to-day work. Our hope is that attendees will leave this discussion full of ideas they can immediately implement to pivot their digital fundraising towards a strategy that is digital-first, not direct-mail first.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How (and why) to create powerful digitally-specific content that drives dollars and relationships. – A nuanced take on the different user expectations for experiences online and off, and what that means for digital content – Specific visual examples: get
  • How to leverage everything digital has to offer: – How to deliver personalized, tailored user experiences – How to weave in creative cultivations and actions that engage your donors even during non-fundraising moments – How to respond quickly yet powerful
  • What a good digital program means for your long-term fundraising program online and offline – How digital’s efficiencies have changed the number of touches you can deliver a donor – How a great digital program can help you optimize your fundraising program.

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Kaitlin Juleus, Communications Strategist, Blue State Digital


Sarah Dunlap, Senior Manager of Digital Fundraising, Partners in Health


Orwin Evenson, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, International Rescue Committee


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