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Webinar: Mail Plans—Are they really just for direct mail and do I really need one?

Mail plans are not just for direct mail and every direct marketing program should be using them—no matter the channel, campaign type or program size. Talking about mail plans and segmentation plans may elicit groans—and responses like “I know how to do it” or “I have another way to get that information”—but when not done right or consistently, you’ve drastically reduced the number of opportunities you have to improve your program.

The term “mail plan” has become pervasive in our industry and now substitutes for a host of strategic documents that organizations should be producing, reviewing, and analyzing in order to design a cohesive strategy for your direct response program. From annual communications plans to detailed campaign segmentation schemas, all of these “mail plans” are an organization’s diagrams for plotting multi-channel donor journeys, testing new ideas and strategies, and analyzing donor cohort segment performance.

At their top level, these diagrams ensure that each one of your constituent segments are receiving the appropriate number of touches, consistent messaging, and being asked for the right action or gift. At their most minutiae level, a mail plan—or segmentation schema—divide your constituent universe into even smaller donor cohorts to so you can appropriately assign treatments, messaging, and test ideas, and then sets you up for analyzing your constituency to improve ROI, look for improvement opportunities, and better understand your file’s performance over time.

In a fast-paced one hour, Jessica will review the key planning documents that your organization should be employing, take a deep dive into the building and analyzing of segmentation schemas, evaluate some of the different ways to segment your house or acquisition files, and the best practices for setting up relevant and actionable test panels.

We will follow one organization through the entire process—from annual donor journey planning, to creating and implementing an actionable testing program, through building a segmentation plan.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Defining an annual campaign plan, key elements to include, and how to ensure your audiences are receiving appropriate messaging and calls-to-action across all channels.
  • Understanding the importance of a cross-team testing grid and how to use it in order to build upon your learnings.
  • Why segmentation is important for both the short-term and long-term results of your program.
  • Creating a segmentation/mail plan, different approaches for segmentation, best practices for segmentation, and new ideas to employ in order to improve your program’s effectiveness.
  • Analyzing your results—and how to move forward.

Attendees will also be given annual campaign plan, testing grid, and basic segmentation templates, as well as a dictionary of segmentation terms.

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Jessica Harrington, President, The Harrington Agency

Throughout the nonprofit universe, Jess is known as one of the industry’s most dynamic, exciting fundraisers. She’s admired for her ability to pull truth from raw data, for her determination to seize every challenge as an opportunity, and for her bedrock belief that “best practices” are only the launching point for the results-boosting advances she creates. Jessica’s secret? Her razor-sharp analytical exterior hides a bleeding heart; she’s motivated by the desire to leave a better world for her children. Her list of current and former clients is long and glowing; her successes in the field are legendary.


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