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Webinar: How to Prioritize & Maximize Your Testing

Testing is one of the most important things we as marketers do. But how do you decide WHAT to test and WHEN? And once you have the data, NOW WHAT? Join CCAH and AARP Foundations as they walk you through the best way to approach testing across channels. This session will cover everything from how to decide if and when you need to test, thinking strategically about short term vs. long term evaluation, determining if you should take a random sample of a stratified sample, performing a risk assessment, and the biggest question of all IS IT EVER OK NOT TO TEST?

This interactive session will combine both testing theory and real-life examples of how organizations ut these theories into action. Over the course of 50 minutes we’ll cover strategies for effective test development, execution, and most importantly – how to read and maximize your testing results – leaving everyone with something to take back to their own programs – no matter how big or small!

Attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for prioritizing tests that will have the greatest impact
  • Tips for designing the right type of tests to get clear and actionable results
  • Recommendations to minimize the risk associated with testing in your program
  • Tips for testing evaluation to maximize results and learning across your program

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Our event sponsors

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Steve Aguayo, Senior Advisor - Fundraising Analytics, AARP

Steve began his career as a Marketing Assistant for National Wildlife Federations Catalog division as Marketing Assistant and then Analyst. In 2007, he moved over to the fundraising side of marketing when he joined Craver Matthews Smith and Co. as a Senior Strategic Planner and Analyst. At CMS he worked on mail planning, analysis, forecasting/budgeting and strategy for various charity and advocacy clients. In 2011, he joined AARP as an Analyst for their fundraising programs, and currently he serves as a Senior Advisor for both the AARP Foundation and AARP Grassroots Advocacy fundraising programs. His current job at AARP includes custom based KPI reporting, testing design and evaluation, forecasting, and strategic analysis.


Lynn Waller, Vice President, Chapman Cubine and Hussey

Lynn Waller has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is one of the most tenured Vice Presidents at Chapman Cubine Adams and Hussey. Lynn began her career in the analytical department but found her true calling when she was able to translate data into actionable results-based multichannel strategies maximizing both revenue and file growth for her clients. Over the years Lynn has lent her strategic and analytical experience to a diverse portfolio of clients, to include political and advocacy organizations, health charities, hospitals, financial institutions and associations.


Courtney Lewis, Vice President, Chapman Cubine and Hussey

Like most in the direct marketing field, Courtney fell into direct marketing ‘by chance’ – joining CCAH as an intern her senior year of college more than 12 years ago. Now, Vice President of Client Services, Courtney is a strong, analytical strategist with a solid creative eye that aids in the design of unique, exciting and successful integrated campaigns. During her tenure at CCAH, Courtney has worked with some of the largest charitable and political organizations across the industry.


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