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Webinar: Tele-Fundraising

We are all looking for the best ways to cut through the noise and grab the attention of our donors (and potential donors.) What if we told you that they are literally already holding the key to our success in their hand? Spoiler alert: it’s their phone.

Now, maybe you’ve heard that tele-fundraising is too expensive… or annoying… or dying off.

Well, real talk. The way we should approach our donors and supporters on the phone is changing, and it’s changing fast. But it’s still one of the most high impact ways to engage, and it’s critical to adapt.

We’re here to talk through changing regulations with the TCPA, share the best ways to approach your donors via traditional tele-fundraising, and demystify text messaging. You’ll hear at least two case studies, and benefit from a whole range of actionable tips and tricks that can help nonprofits of all sizes and sophistication.. And, of course, there will be time for questions and answers.

Participants of this free webinar will:

  • Get a broad overview of the tele-fundraising landscape, including an easy-to-understand primer on cell phone calling.
  • Learn the top 3 ways to leverage tele-fundraising in their own fundraising programs.
  • Get a “101” of text messaging, along with tactical and practical tips for launching or expanding this channel in their own organizations.

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Our event sponsors

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Lisa Drane, Managing Director, Donor Services Group

As Vice President of Donor Services Group and Managing Director of the company's East Coast Call Center Division, Lisa Drane works closely with other members of DSG's executive team to ensure all procedures and decisions made are in the best interest of the company, its clients and its employees. Her goal, along with other members of DSG's executive team, is to provide clients with the highest return on investment possible by establishing DSG as a leader and innovator in call center strategies and technology. In addition to her leadership role, Lisa also manages a varied client base.

Before joining DSG in 2009, Lisa served as Executive Vice President of Client Services as Direct Advantage Marketing for 15 years, leading the company's sales team responsible for developing and cultivating client relationships. Lisa has managed every aspect of the client relationship, helping to build and nurture long-term, sustainable client partnerships. She also oversaw call center operations, compliance, as well as the Human Resources department, and Facility Management.

Lisa started her career fundraising for a private girl's school, Winchester Thurston, responsible for their Annual Fund fundraising activities which included direct marketing, special events, board and major donor solicitation and database management.

She received her bachelor's degree in Sociology from The University of Pittsburgh.


Chrissy Hyre, Vice President, Chapman Cubine and Hussey

Chrissy is a well-recognized industry expert in telefundraising, and has raised millions of dollars for organizations near and dear to her heart. Her work has been awarded with multiple Pollies, Maxis, and Fundraising Success awards. She's also a frequent panelist at industry conferences.


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