MAXI Awards


Announcing The

2018 DMAW MAXI Award Competition

Marketing Award for eXcellence & Innovation

 Deadline for Entries
Friday, March 9, 2018!

Special Webinar:
How to Successfully Complete Your
MAXI Award Entry Form!
Wednesday, February 28 – 12 Noon -1 PM

Enter the 2018 DMAW MAXI Award Competition! Winning allows you to demonstrate to your prospective and current clients, that you produce award-winning, results-oriented campaigns! It’s also a great way to boost your marketing team and encourage them to do more great work!

More than just a contest for cute art or design, this is a competition for real direct response professionals who know that winning only comes to those who get results.

For 39 years now, the DMAW has been recognizing excellence and innovation in marketing, and in today’s competitive, tough market that recognition could be just the edge your agency or company needs to stand out among all the others!

The annual MAXI Award Competition is open to everyone! All entries are judged anonymously by practicing direct marketers – including a panel of out-of-town judges – to ensure that all entries receive an equal chance of winning based on established criteria. Since entries do not compete head-to-head, a small agency or firm is as likely to win as a national firm.


Step 1 – Read the rules!
Download 2018 DMAW MAXI Award Rules and read them carefully – you don’t want to inadvertently disqualify your entry!

Step 2 – Complete an Application Form for each submission
Download the 2016 DMAW MAXI Application Form and complete it for your submission – we need to know who you are!

Step 3 – Enter via one of five (5) channels or a Workhorse campaign– just select the appropriate entry form*:

  • Direct Mail
    • Nonprofit DM Form
    • Commercial DM Form
    • Multi-Channel – use this form when more than one channel is used, e.g., direct mail and email
    • Digital Media – when you use ONE digital media, such as, email, mobile, web, etc., use this form
    • DRTV AND/OR DR RADIO – this form is for direct response television or direct response radio campaigns.
    • Telemarketing – this form is for those telemarketing campaigns you conducted
    • Workhorse – if you have an ongoing Direct Mail Campaign used for 2015, 2016, & 2017 (three (3) years required) and it has been your workhorse, then use this form.

Eligible campaigns must have been executed between November 2016-December 2017 (except for the workhorse, which requires 3 years of results) for associations, nonprofits (501(c)3 or (c)4), political candidates or parties, PACs or 527’s, B2B, B2C or B2G.

*The Application Form and each Entry Form are pdf form fill-ins – fill them in on your computer, save them, print them and send the form in with your entry. You may also print out the form and clearly hand-write your information.




10. Don’t black out your agency’s name.
9. Don’t send three samples with your entry form.
8. Tell us that a campaign had no expenses!
7. The data in the results section and the data information in the descriptive section don’t match!
6. Don’t send payment with your entry form.
5. Don’t black your agency’s name! (Are you getting the point on this one?!)
4. Select the multi-channel entry form and provide information for only ONE CHANNEL!
3. Don’t complete an application form.
2. Don’t provide all of the necessary data in the results section.


1. Don’t black out your agency’s name!



39th Annual MAXI Awards Ceremony
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Gaylord National Hotel & Conference Center

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented at the MAXI Awards Ceremony, Tuesday, July 31, at the Gaylord National Hotel & Conference Center.  As a winner you will be presented with an award engraved with words that mean a great deal to professionals in our industry: “In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Direct Marketing.”

Your winning work(s!) will be published in our annual MAXI award book.  Furthermore, during the 14th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference, your award winning campaign will be showcased in front of thousands of top direct marketing professionals gathered to honor and learn from the best talent in our industry.


If the judges view your winning campaign as a BIG IDEA – meaning it scored high in results and was truly a successful campaign with strong creative, then you will be recognized again with the Big Idea Award!

You can’t win if you don’t enter –
Don’t miss the deadline of Friday, March 9!




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