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Board of Directors

Call for Nominations

Deadline – Friday, September 9, 2022

2023-2024 DMAW Board Candidates

We’ve been catapulted into a new era! Who do you want leading the organization through these changing times? What will the organization need to offer its members to ensure they succeed in the industry?  What will direct response – integrated marketing – look like in 3, 5 or even 10 years?

Are you someone who wants to lead? Who has a vision? Or do you know a professional who fits that description?

Now is the time for those individuals who could potentially help lead this organization into the future to step up. It’s a Call for Nominations and the deadline is Friday, September 9th!

Any active DMAW member is eligible. Nominees will be presented to the board nominating committee to determine the list of final candidates.

Currently, the ten (10) positions to be filled are a result of board members whose terms have expired and must be re-elected. Each elected individual will serve a 2-year term.

The nomination process is easy! Just complete this form: DMAW Board Nominee.

Each nominee must have the support of one current DMWA board member.


The nominating committee will use the following guidelines in determining the final slate:

  • Candidate’s involvement in DMAW’s activities
  • Candidate’s willingness to serve
  • Candidate’s prior participation in volunteer leadership
  • Candidate’s involvement in industry activities

Voting will take place October 17-28, 2022.  To vote, individuals must be DMAW members.

For further information, please read the DMAW Board Member Job Description.

Questions about the process or service on the board? Contact Donna Tschiffely, Executive Director at or call 703-689-DMAW (3629).

2022 DMAW Board of Directors

Our Board Members are a dedicated group of professional men and women committed to giving back to their industry. The board provides the guidance and leadership for the organization.

Heather Philpot Headshot

Heather Philpot
Vice President
Jade Nguyen 180

Vice President
Jade Nguyen Swanson
Director, Client Services
MESG Marketing
Meg Ferguson Headshot

Meg Ferguson, CFRE
Business Development Director
Production Solutions

Teresa Weaver
Vice President, Client Strategy
O'Brien Garrett
DMAW BoD Papsadore

Immediate Past President
Polly Papsadore
Senior Vice President of Business Strategy
The PMG Family

Eva Bowie
Senior Account Director
ABD Direct

Zack Carpenter
Vice President
NOVA List Marketing Solutions

Jim Chmielewski
Vice President
Public Interest Communications

Ann Crowley
Vice President
Newport ONE

Melissa Ford
Principal and Senior Vice President
MalWarwick Donordigital

Brenna Holmes
Vice President of Digital
Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey


Roger Hiyama
Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovation

Marie Kosanovich
Vice President, Accounts
Lautman Maska Neill & Company

Mikaela King
Vice President, Integrated Marketing
National Geographic Society

Cheryl Lovinsky
Director, Direct Response
AARP Foundation

Dedi Oxenberg
Vice President, Client Services
CDR Fundraising

Karin Kirchoff
President & Founder
K2D Strategies

Dan Sonners
Director of Non-Profit Marketing
Conrad Direct, Inc.

Rebecca Shapalis
Account Director
Avalon Consulting Group

Kathy Swayze
President/Creative Director
Impact Communications

Joanne Wilson
Senior Director, Sustainer Retention and Acquisition Strategy
Humane Society of the United States

Donna Tschiffely
Executive Director

DMAW/EF Representative
Scott Huch
Direct Creative, Inc.