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Get involved! Join any one of these committees! Meet great people and have the satisfaction of serving your industry! All DMAW committees are staffed and assisted by the DMAW HQ staff. To learn more or to join a committee please contact

Collaboration Committee – One of the pillars of the Strategic Plan is collaboration with other organizations, whether it is on policy or programs. Serve on the committee that seeks collaborative opportunities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee - This newly formed committee is to help DMAW promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization as well as collaborating with other organizations to ensure DEI best practices in the entire sector. The DMAW values the diversity of experiences, ideas, people, and organizations in our community. We believe diversity makes our sector stronger. We strongly encourage and seek involvement from people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, women, men, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQI individuals, and/or from professionals working for organizations serving those groups.

Marketing – Do what you do best! Serve on the committee that markets all the DMAW programs as well as posting on our social media channels. The DMAW is active in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and has its own blog postings!

Marketing Opportunities Partners (aka Sponsorships) – We changed the name because we’re not looking for a hand-out – we’re looking for partners in excellence! Help identify potential partners for our outstanding educational sessions and social activities.

MAXI AWARDS – For 40+ years the DMAW MAXI Awards have set the standards for excellence in direct response marketing. Join this committee to continue that tradition.

Marketing AdVents – Have a penchant for writing and publishing. Then you need to work on our monthly newsletter committee, Marketing AdVents. Contribute to a publication that informs our community.

Membership – Help DMAW grow the DMAW membership! Identify lists, individuals, develop acquisition campaign, stewarding our individual and corporate members.

Programs – Our educational programs are one of the most important benefits of belonging to DMAW. This committee develops a year-long schedule of webinars, in-person sessions, happy hours, day-long programs and more!

Public Policy Committee – Follow legislative and postal issues, alerting members to their impact and the need for any member feedback.

Volunteers – Join the committee that identifies potential volunteers for committees – like you!

Volunteer Recognition Awards – Recognize the DMAW members who stand out!