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Here are 10 dynamite reasons to become a DMAW volunteer…

Network within DMAW to further your career.

Take advantage of the many opportunities to meet new clients or new vendors.

Increase your knowledge of the direct marketing industry.

Gain recognized visibility among your colleagues in the direct marketing community.

Enhance your value you bring to your own organization.

Realize the personal satisfaction of being a team player.

Develop your leadership skills.

Contribute your skills and learn new skills from the top professionals in the business to support a terrific organization.

Build your self-esteem.

Make lifelong friends.

Ready to get involved! Complete this quick survey: Volunteering with DMAW! 


Have expertise you want share? Consider speaking at a DMAW event! Complete this form: DMAW Speaker Portal

You can also scan the QR code to fill out the survey, and our volunteer committee co-chairs will be in touch.

Concerned that being a volunteer will take too much time? You can be as heavily or as lightly involved as you wish. You can become involved with activities that call for your particular strengths or with those where you’ll learn new skills. DMAW needs your talents — get involved! Just call (703) 689-DMAW (3629) or email us at

DMAW’s success is due, to a great degree, to the volunteers who work throughout the year donating their valuable talent and time. From 1985 through today, DMAW grants a “Volunteer of the Year” award. This award is presented at the end of year Best of Direct Gala.

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