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Volunteer of the Year Award

The DMAW Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes individuals whose long-term involvement with the DMAW and unselfish contributions of time, thought, leadership, and action have significantly advanced the growth and development of the DMAW and its impact within the direct marketing community.


Congratulations to our 2022 Award Recipient:

Sara Coggins
Senior Account Manager
Production Solutions

Previous Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

John-Thompson-Headshot-BW-292x300 (1)

John Thompson

Dennis Ashcraft headshot Dennis was fortunate enough to enter the direct marketing industry with his close friend and college buddy, Kyle Martin. They had been in the wine business together for 7 years following their time at VCU, when Kyle’s brother founded Colortree. Dennis felt honored to join the fledgling company and learn the business. After just shy of 25 years at Colortree, the excitement of a new company was once again in the air and Dennis, with 2 other great partners, founded the AMH Print Group. The excitement of building something from the ground up was back! Sharing common principles, working with close friends, and an awesome group of co-workers, all with the goal of taking care of clients was a great feeling. Alan Rich, President of Nova Label, extended an invitation to Dennis to help him on the Bridge Exhibitors Advisory Council for several years; then Dennis ran for and served on the DMAW board for 6 years where he served as co-chair of the membership committee for much of that time. He has authored articles for Marketing AdVents, served as a sponsor for DMAW programs, served as MC of Best of Direct and printed more envelopes for DMAW than we care to count. While Dennis credits his mother with instilling the importance of volunteering, he recognizes that none of it can be done without also the personal support of his wonderful wife, Chris, and two awesome daughters, Taylor and Katie, both of whom worked at some point in the industry. We are extremely pleased to recognize Dennis Ashcraft as our 2019 Volunteer of the Year.

Dennis Ashcraft

Stephen Godbout

Elise Buck

Eva Bowie

Alan Rich

Kate Carr

Shannon Murphy

Tracy Lea

Vickie Norman

Teri Carlson

2009: Geoff Peters

2001: Greg Albright

2000: Chris Gleason

1999: John Nusbaum

1998: Debbie Angel

1997: Neil Griffin & Deb Tompkins

1996: Tom Veazey

1995: Elise Buck