• We entered muggles. We left magicians. - I think it was Dumbledore who once said, “Magic is best taught in the morning.” In truth, I’m not sure he said this. But morning was the perfect time for DMAW to host “Mid-level Magic”—taught by marketing masters Lisa Maska, CFRE and Jillian Leslie of Lautman Maska Neill & Company. Lisa and Jillian opened this […]
  • The Magic Your Organization Needs—June 14th Session on Mid-level Donors - So often, the situation is the same: you’ve worked hard to acquire loyal, valuable donors. They receive a great series of appeals each year that use innovative strategies and best practices. Maybe you’ve incorporated some Planned Giving marketing and a monthly giving push into your thriving direct mail program. You might even have a robust […]
  • Production Strategies Forum - Direct Mail production is complex and ever-evolving. With the introduction of new technologies and techniques, it’s more important than ever to understand the many options and applications available to you. Our Production Strategies Forum on June 19th is designed to guide you in that effort. We have gathered some of the industry’s best and most […]
  • What the Data Tells Us: Biggest Takeaways from 2017 - Why would a college professor drive 3 hours each way through DC traffic for a DMAW Wake Up & Learn session? HINT: The answer is a 4-letter word… DATA! That’s right—you say analytics, and I say, “YES, please!” Carol Rhine’s insightful Target Analytics presentation was definitely worth the trip from Salisbury, MD. I’m a firm […]
  • Mobile. It’s not just for selfies anymore. - The rise of mobile—it’s a phrase you no doubt have heard at marketing events for years. But get ready to hear it one more time because mobile use has hit a number of benchmark highs this past year that are reinforcing just how critical it is for nonprofits to up their mobile game. The Numbers […]
  • Your Guide to Rapid Response: Phases 1, 2, 3 - When direct marketers hear the words “Rapid Response,” I think it’s common practice for us all to be numb to the phrase.  After all, aren’t we rapidly responding to multiple things every day? And while this is true, it became clear when sitting at the DMAW Lunch and Learn about Rapid Response Fundraising and hearing […]
  • A 360 ° Approach to Data Strategy, Now Live Streamed - In case you haven’t heard, the DMAW Data Strategy Forum on Wednesday, May 2, is SOLD OUT! If you’re one of the lucky ones that were able to sign up and grab a spot, you are in for a treat. This year’s theme is a 360° approach to your data strategy. As we all know—whether […]
  • Educate for Success—Why I Attended DM101 and You Should Too - Are you fresh on the direct mail scene—a newbie like me? If so, the DMAW’s DM 101: The Basics seminar is one you don’t want to miss. Direct mail is a beautiful mystery—as I continue to learn and create within this industry, I’ve quickly discovered that I mustn’t forget the basics. Having a direct mail […]
  • Direct Marketing 101: All the Basics You Need to Know - New to the industry or looking for a refresher on techniques and strategy, from the best in the field? Then you might want to reserve your spot now for the upcoming DM101 session on March 8th. Taught by industry leaders, this full-day seminar will provide foundational training and go over what makes a successful direct […]
  • 5 Ideas Beyond Your Biggest P2P Events - You are in for a treat. Mark Becker from Cathexis Partners was asked to do a webinar for all of us at the DMAW. And it came on a perfect day, because it was snowing in DC, and nobody wanted to go into work anyway, so many of us stayed home and took part in […]