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Partner of the Year Award

The DMAW Partner of the Year is presented each year to a service provider or vendor that has distinguished itself through its unwavering service and commitment to advancing the DMAW mission of expanding the direct marketing community in the Washington area and of promoting careers in direct and interactive marketing.


Congratulations to our 2019 Award Recipient:


CP Direct opened it's doors in 2002 when Matt Trotta sold his interest in Craftsman Press and purchased the assets of a small printing company called Enterprise Graphics. In Matt's words, he just needed a company with a pulse that he could perform some triage on, and at the same time satisfy the print needs of his then current direct mail customer base. Since the, he has dedicated his efforts to producing high quality direct mail products, but more importantly developing long term relationships within our industry.

Today, CP employs 110 people, and produces a wide variety of direct mail products such as continuous forms, letters, replies, inserts, brochures, newsletters and cards. Every day, they take pride in the work done for customers, and are thankful for the partnerships they have built inside the direct mail community.

Most importantly, whether it's a DMAW sponsorship or printing for the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference, CP Direct is committed to giving back to those they serve. Matt Trotta and Al Stahl step up every time.

We value our relationship with CP Direct and are proud to recognize them as our 2019 Partner of the Year.

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