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Marketing Opportunities Partners

DMAW Marketing Opportunities


2024 Marketing Opportunity Partner Program (MOPs) – online and easier than ever to invest and participate! Our MOP program is more than just a sponsorship program, this is a mutually beneficial program that allows us to become part of your marketing plan, and you become part of ours! 

Partnering with DMAW on events is the first step to developing and building relationships with potential clients. 

To access the store, please go to

A thrilling new year awaits for you in 2024!

  • Partner with DMAW all year-long for continuous exposure.
  • Experience great marketing benefits for each event.
  • Showcase your company to hundreds of professionals that need your services and updates.
  • Fit us into your marketing budget for the year.
  • The more events you partner with us, the higher the savings you receive.
  • Don't miss these great investment opportunities.