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Deadline for Nominations: Monday, August 5, 2024

To nominate a deserving professional click here:  DMAW Member Recognition Awards Nomination Form

DMAW's success is directly linked to our members’ personal and professional growth. It is our mission to help motivate, educate and inspire our members to excel. Our Membership Recognition Awards gives us the opportunity to:

  • Express our true gratitude to individual members and their organizations for their contributions to DMAW
  • Recognize excellence within our membership
  • Honor our industry thought leaders and the high standards they have set
  • Recognize young professionals moving up the ranks in the industry and encourage them to always excel

Ethical conduct and integrity are fundamental qualifications for all the DMAW Membership Awards. Each recipient is to uphold the highest ethical standards in their professional practices, serving as a role model for others in the industry.

Thank you for helping recognize these traits by nominating friends and colleagues who you know meet the criteria of the various awards.

We are presenting our traditional awards as well as a couple of new ones this year! For full details criteria and how to nominate a deserving professional, review the awards here: DMAW Membership Recognition Award Descriptions Or go straight to the nomination form: DMAW Membership Award Recognition Nomination Form

Industry All Star: This award recognizes a professional as the “best in our industry!” It honors behavior that should be recognized and repeated throughout the industry – serving as a role model in the direct marketing industry. This award is jointly presented by the DMAW and the DMAW Educational Foundation..

Rising Star Award - Shining A Spotlight on Promising Newcomers: The DMAW Rising Star Award will recognize the area’s most talented professional(s) with a minimum of three (3) years of experience, irrespective of age, who show uncommon potential and promise in the future of direct marketing and fundraising.

DMAW will be presenting two Rising Star Awards identifying one professional working in a nonprofit and one professional working for a commercial agency or firm that provides services to nonprofits.

The DMAW Emerging Leader of the Year Award – Celebrating Accomplished Leaders who are already making a significant difference – will recognize an individual 40 years of age or younger who demonstrates excellence in the direct marketing or fundraising field.

While our Rising Star Award recognizes our newest professionals, and our Hall of Leaders Award honors are most seasoned stalwarts, the Emerging Leader Award is given to someone who falls somewhere in between the two but is still a tremendous force in our industry.

This individual might come from any corner of our industry but exhibits extraordinary leadership, creativity, and innovation, and gives back to the DMAW community in more ways than one.

DMAW will be presenting two Emerging Leader Awards identifying one professional working in a nonprofit and one professional working for a commercial agency or firm that provides services to nonprofits.

The Changemaker Award – Inaugurated in 2023, this award is designed to honor an outstanding individual who has made a significant impact in the fields of marketing and fundraising. This prestigious award aims to celebrate those who have exhibited exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication to driving positive change within the marketing and fundraising community.

Partner of the Year: The DMAW Partner of the Year Award recognizes a company who has truly partnered with us in supporting the DMAW’s mission in a variety of ways to include but not limited to: participates as a sponsor (via in-kind and financial donations); promotes the exchange of information among our members; promotes the use and understanding of direct marketing; and encourages and supports the teaching and study of direct marketing in an academic environment, as well as through the association itself.

Volunteer of the Year: Recognizes an individual’s dedication and voluntary efforts to support DMAW.


Recipients of the 2024 awards will be recognized at the
17th Annual Best of Direct Holiday Celebration & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, December 4
National Housing Center
1201 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC  20005
5:00 PM - Program
6:00 PM - Awards Reception

Best of Direct is a fantastic recognition award event, as well as a great kick-off party for the holiday season! It’s a phenomenal way to celebrate the year-end with colleagues and friends, as well as looking forward to a new year!


The 2024 Best of Direct Awardees!

From left to right starting back row:
Mark Gould, Volunteer of the Year; Leigh Ann Doyle, Emerging Leader; Bill Tighe, Volunteer of the Year; Joanne Wilson, Industry All Star; Aidan Wheeler, Rising Star; Rick Powell, DMAW EF Jonah Gitlitz Board Appreciation; Justin McCord, Industry All-Star

Seated, front row:
Seated: Erica Waasdorp, DMAW Board Appreciation; Phil Wiland, Changemaker of the Year; John Bell, Hall of Leaders; Melissa Ford, DMAW Board of Directors Superhero Award


Check out the Photo Gallery from 2023!