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Now is the time for you to learn about the individuals who could potentially help lead this organization into the future.

Currently, there are thirteen (13) board positions to be filled as a result of board members whose terms have expired or otherwise are stepping down. Each elected individual will serve a 2-year term.

To read about the background of each candidate, please click here.


  1. Dennis Ashcraft, Colortree Group
  2. Kate Carr, Silver Marketing
  3. Jamie Natelson, IDM
  4. Alan Rich, Nova Label
  5. Jeff Thomas, ProList Data & Mail


  1. Mike Anderson, PMC
  2. Ellen Cobb Church, CMS
  3. Dean DeSantis, Graphcom
  4. Meg Ferguson, PS|PS Digital
  5. Polly Papsadore, RobbinsKersten Direct
  6. Stephen Godbout, Copybygod
  7. Roger Hiyama, Wiland Direct
  8. Jim Lawrence, Lawrence Direct Marketing
  9. DeDi Oxenberg, CDR Fundraising
  10. Rebecca Shapalis, Avalon Consulting Group
  11. Karen Somerville, ASCD
  12. Pete Taylor, RWT Production
  13. Teresa Weaver, O’Brien Garrett

Voting will take place October 10-17, 2016.  To vote, individuals must be DMAW members.

Who do you want leading the organization into the next decade… leading the direct response sector…maintaining the organization’s relevancy in an ever-changing, technology-rich environment?  Guiding the organization as technology continues to impact for-profit and the non-profit sectors? What will the organization need to offer its members to ensure they succeed in the industry?

Be sure to review the qualifications of each candidate and be ready to vote!

Questions about the process or service on the board? Contact Donna Tschiffely, Executive Director at or call 703-689-DMAW (3629).