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2021 Payment Strategies – Download the Presentation

Thank you for attending DMAW's "Payment Strategies" and thank you for your feedback!

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A PDF of each presentation, along with a recording of each session can be found below. To watch a recording of one of the sessions or to download one the presentations, click on the session information below.


Wednesday, June 16 | 11 - 11:55 AM EDT

Donation Processing: What technology is available to manage check donations? - Tiffany Fortier, Business Development Director, Deluxe

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Wednesday, June 16 | 12 - 12:55 PM EDT

The Anatomy of a Reply Device and an Online Donation Form – tactical details to optimize payment processing - Brenna Holmes, Principal & Senior Vice President, CCAH

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Wednesday, June 16 | 1 - 1:55 PM EDT

Panel discussion on forward-thinking payment methods, trends, donor/consumer preferences, and critical issues like fraud prevention:

Insights from a tech expert, what’s working, what’s on the horizon Lily Ickow, VP, Payments and Online Fundraising

New research findings on consumer perceptions to present and compare to previous trends - Brad Smith, Senior Director, Industry Engagement and Advocacy, Nacha

Innovative payment strategies – learnings and priorities - Steve Kehrli, Senior Vice President of Development, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation.

Moderator: Seth Merritt, Director of Business Development, Jackson River / Springboard

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