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It's MAXI Time!


The deadline for entries is Monday, March 27!

We are thrilled to launch the 2023 MAXI Competition! We received such positive reviews on about the online platform last year, that we have it again this year! And, we've got some exciting news - so keep reading!

The MAXI Competition online platform is so easy to use – just click here to start:  DMAW MAXI Awards.

To register to enter – setup your account – if you entered last year, your account should still exist!  Log in and hit Start here! And, you are now working on entering the MAXI Awards!

You can start the process, return to it later and review everything, change what you need - all before you hit submit! Just remember to hit save before you log-out to save your work.

If you share your log-in information, others can help you enter the data. Even after you hit submit, if you need to change something you can – right up until the deadline for MAXIs entries which is 6:00 PM, Monday, March 27.

All materials can be UPLOADED to the MAXI Platform! Yes! You read that right – all the materials related to your campaign should be uploaded to the platform*. BUT... and this is an important BUT - last year some of the entry files were illegible. That caused judging problems. So be sure the material you upload is legible - especially for those digital entries. If they are not, and are too small to read, upload a pdf of the copy deck. We don't want your great campaign to be disqualified because the judges couldn't read it!

*Special note: We will ask the winners of Direct Mail, Direct Mail Workhorse and any Multichannel winners who used direct mail to provide the actual campaigns for showcasing during the MAXI Awards Ceremony on Wed., July 27.

The entry process will be familiar to you:

  • Direct Mail Single & Workhorse Campaign – Select this category for any direct mail campaign – acquisition, renewal, lapsed, etc.! If you are submitting only one campaign, select SINGLE.
  • Direct Mail Workhorse – Select this category for a control or other direct mail package used for several years. Your results for 2020, 2021 & 2022 will need to be reported! 
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns – Select this category when more than one channel is used, e.g., direct mail and email.
  • SINGLE Digital Channel – Use this category when you want to showcase only one digital channel such as email, mobile, web, etc.
  • DRTV AND/OR DR RADIO Use this category for direct response television or direct response radio campaigns.
  • Telemarketing – This category is, of course, for the telemarketing campaigns you conduct.
  • Email Workhorse – This category is for email campaign used for 2020, 2021 & 2022. 

Select the category that you want to enter, enter the entry name and campaign begin date; then click through the tabs for that entry – look at what is needed and gather your data and information. Once you have everything together, go back to Start here, click Save + next and begin completing the information required on each tab.

The MAXI Awards are about RESULTS! So be sure to have your numbers ready! And, remember, the judges are going to be interested in your narrative – so be clear in your communications.

MAXI Entry Fees

  • DMAW Member - $179 per entry,
  • DMAW Nonprofit Member - $149 per entry,
  • Not-Yet-A-DMAW Member - $229 per entry,
  • Special Bonus! - Entry 5 MAXIs and get the 6th one free!
    • DMAW Member - $895/per 6 entries,
    • DMAW Nonprofit Member - $745/per 6 entries,
    • Not-Yet-A-Member - $1,145/per entries.

Please contact Ann Walsh, MAXI Manager, or call 703 689-3629, should you require any assistance.

We are looking forward to receiving your winning entries!

This year's MAXI Awards Ceremony is not going to be at the Bridge Conference.

The MAXI Awards Ceremony will be its own standalone event on

Thursday, September 28, 2023
National Housing Center, 1201 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Check out the winners from the 2022 MAXI Award Competition! Click the image below to flip through the book online.

2022 MAXI Awards Program Book


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