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The 2024 MAXI Awards Competition is open!

We are ready to receive your extraordinary submissions!

Submit your entries now online!

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Important Competition dates

Friday, April 5               Deadline for all entries

April 22 – May 3           Judging of Entries

End of May                   Notifications sent to all entrants.

June – October            Plan awards ceremony, order plaques, write script and get ready to celebrate!

October 22                   MAXI Awards Ceremony


Step 1: The Platform

To start, click: DMAW MAXI Awards.

  • If you’ve entered MAXIs Online in 2022 and/or 2023, your account is still active under the name you registered. If you have a new email address, you will need to create a new account.
  • If you’ve never entered MAXIs Online, you just need to register your account.

Once your account is registered, Log in and hit Start here!

And, you are now taking the first steps into entering the MAXI Awards!

Step 2: What You Need to Know to Complete Your Entry:

You can enter your campaigns in the following areas:

  • Direct Mail Single & Workhorse Campaign – Select this category for any direct mail campaign – acquisition, renewal, lapsed, etc.! If you are submitting only one campaign, select SINGLE.
  • Direct Mail Workhorse – Select this category for a control or other direct mail package used for several years. Your results for 2021, 2022 & 2023 will need to be reported! 
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns – Select this category when more than one channel is used, e.g., direct mail and email.
  • SINGLE Digital Channel – Use this category when you want to showcase only one digital channel such as email, mobile, web, etc.
  • DR Media, DRTV, CTV, AND/OR DR RADIO – Use this category for direct response television or direct response radio campaigns or connected TV.
  • Telemarketing – This category is, of course, for the telemarketing campaigns you conduct.

Select the campaign that you want to enter, enter the entry name and the campaign begin date; then click through the tabs for that entry – look at what is needed and gather your data and information. Once you have everything together, go back to Start here, click Save + next and begin completing the information required on each tab.

The MAXI Awards are about RESULTS! So be sure to have your numbers ready!

Step 3: The Narrative

One of the last tabs is The Narrative. The judges are going to be interested in your narrative – so be clear in your communications. You will need to:

  • Describe the Objective – What were you trying to achieve? Increase number of donors? Increase revenues? Engage?
  • Describe the Strategy – What strategy did you put into place? What did you do differently than in prior campaigns?
  • Describe the Audience – Describe your file, e.g., lapsed? For how long? Mid-level donors – define your mid-level donors. Major donors – define those.
  • Describe the Results – This is the most important section! Campaign data is required. If this was a test, did it beat control? If so, explain. Tie results narrative back to the objective. Make sure the numbers you quote in this narrative match the number in the RESULTS TAB.

Step 4: Uploading Your Campaigns

Your MAXI entry will be evaluated by a panel of experts. It's crucial that the digital files you submit are of the highest quality, mirroring the experience of the donor as they engage with your campaign. Any issues like unclear visuals or small text size could impede fair judgment of your submission. Therefore, ensure that your digital files are pristine, free from crop marks, and devoid of any print guides. Present your work in its optimal form to maximize your chances of success in the evaluation process.

If any file is larger than 5MB, then please split the file into two or more pieces – whatever is appropriate. Number the files so that the judges know the order in which they should be open.

File formats that can be used to upload materials are:

  • PDF
  • JPEG or JPG
  • tif or tiff
  • WinZip file (5MB or smaller)

We are looking forward to receiving your winning entries!


When you click the link below to pay, you will be taken out of the DMAW MAXI Award Platform and placed into the DMAW database for payment. Be sure to have your member log-in information available to get the member rate!

To pay click here.

DMAW Member - $179/per entry
DMAW Nonprofit Member - $149/per entry
Not-Yet-A-DMAW Member - $229/per entry

Special Bonus! - Enter 5 MAXIs and get the 6 one free!
DMAW Member - $895/per 6 entries
DMAW Nonprofit Member - $745/per 6 entries
Not-Yet-A-DMAW Member - $1,145/per 6 entries

Other Questions

Do I have to complete it all at one time?

You can start the process, return to it later and review everything, change what you need – all before you hit submit! You can even share your log-in information and others can help you enter the data.

Can I make changes after I Submit?

Yes, after you hit submit, if you need to change something you can – right up until the deadline for MAXIs entries which is Friday, April 5th.

Can all materials be UPLOADED to the MAXI Platform!

Yes! All the materials related to your campaign should be uploaded to the platform*. If you have any problems uploading or your files are too large, please email Ann at or

*Special note: We will ask the winners of Direct Mail, Direct Mail Workhorse and any Multichannel winners who used direct mail to provide the actual campaigns for showcasing during the MAXI Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, October 22, 2024.