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2022 List Bazaar - The Legend Returns

Thank you for attending DMAW's List Bazaar - The Legend Returns! We especially appreciate your feedback.

To download the pdf of the presentations, click the title below:

Welcome & Remarks - Why Are We Back - Tomi Ladeji, Data Acquisition Strategist, NOVA Brokerage & Management Solutions and Dan Sonners, Vice President, Conrad Direct

Data Privacy Update: What List Professionals Need to Know - The State of Play - State Regulations & Privacy/Cybersecurity Best Practices - Presented by Jon Dartley, Ph.D., Attorney, Perlman & Perlman, LLP and Britt Vatne, President, Account Management, Adstra

Back to Basics - Back to Basics: Rebuilding the List Broker/List Manager Relationship After COVID - Presented by Arlene Baum, Director of Client Services, Conrad Direct and Maia Worden, Director of Client Services, Conrad Direct

Maximizing the Merge - Maximizing the Merge - Presented by Kate Hollandsworth, Vice President, Integral, LLC and Katie Valvo, Vice President, Strategy & Planning, Epsilon

Brokerage Tank Presentations:  The Benefits of Web Data for Direct Mail Models, Bruce Hammer, Vice President, Nonprofit Services, Path2Response; Geofencing, Patrick Carleton, Senior Vice President, Development, El Toro; Going OmniChannel - Understanding the Lay of the Land, Richard Geiger, Senior Vice President, Nonprofit Solutions, Data Axle; Post-Merge Optimization, Julie Treadman, Director, Client Services, Wiland and Angela Newsom, Vice President, Client Services Wiland