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Thank you for attending DMAW's Annual Sustainers Day! We especially appreciate your feedback.

To download the pdf of the presentations, click the title below:

Opening Keynote - How a Passionate Approach to Sustainers Pays It Forward Many Times Over! – Speaker: Erica Waasdorp, President, A Direct Solution

Let's Level Set Your F2F Stakeholders: The Bonsai Tree, the Orange Tree and the Saguaro CactusSpeakers: Sherry Bell, Founder, Growing Fundraising & Consulting Inc.

Let's Level Set Your F2F Stakeholders: The Challenges Speaker: Michael Scully, CEO & Founder, ZenterPrize

Sustainer 101: 10 Reasons Why Your Monthly Giving Program Hasn't Taken Off Yet – Speaker: Erica O'Brien, President & Owner, Fuse Fundraising

How Connected TV Can Build Your Sustainer ProgramSpeakers: Adva Priso, Chief Strategy Officer, Moore Digital; Preston Linville, Director of Digital Media, Moore Digital