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DMAW is a volunteer-driven organization and operates with the assistance of several volunteer committees.  Each committee is either chaired or co-chaired by a member of the board of directors.  Volunteers who serve on these committees create the pool from which potential board candidates are drawn.

To volunteer for one of these committees, email:

Marketing Committee

DMAW regularly produces educational programs that need to be marketed, keeping cost efficiencies in mind. The marketing committee should be comprised of copywriters, graphic designers and printers that can donate time and services.

Tasks of Marketing Committee Members include:

  • Work with Programs Committee and DMAW staff on the marketing of upcoming programs
  • Develop a calendar for a multi-channel marketing program – to include print, web, social and email blasts
  • When appropriate write email blasts, assist with brochure copy and design
  • Assist with securing complimentary mail and email lists

Programs Committee

The DMAW produces regular educational programs varying in formats and on a variety of topics, creating a year-long series of programs.

Our day-long annual programs include:

  • Innovative Formats and Inventive Techniques (usually in the winter)
  • List Bazaar (usually in the spring)
  • Association Day (usually in the fall)
  • Social Media Marketing Day (midfall)

Other revenue producing programs include:

  • Monthly Lunches – The Third Thursday of every month
  • EdVents. EdVents are 45-60 minute keynote presentations followed by a networking session, usually held in the evening
  • Webinars are a part of our educational efforts and several are offered free to members

The Programs Committee’s tasks include:

  • Select keynoters for monthly lunches, webinars and EdVent sessions
  • Decide on hot topics for on-site educational half and full-day sessions
  • Confirm session chair(s) for longer programs
  • Ensure session chair follows through on developing the program for the event
  • Work cooperatively with the Marketing Committee to schedule time to advertise event

DMAW staff are tasked with finding a location, working with session chair and marketing coordinator in the execution and marketing of the program.

Membership Committee

The heart and soul of any organization is the membership. The Membership Committee recommends procedures and strategies for enhancing the membership.

Tasks of the Membership Committee Members include:

  • Work with Marketing Committee to develop retention and growth plans
  • Identify potential pools of new members, both individual and corporate
  • Identify members’ and nonmembers’ needs and perceptions, analyzing them, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Volunteer Committee

When a member volunteers for DMAW, they need to be tracked and properly directed to a committee. We do not want to lose any assistance being freely offered!

When DMAW staff receives the a volunteer, the contact information is forward to the board coordinator.

The Volunteer Committee then:

  • Contacts the potential volunteer to ascertain interest
  • Works with other committees that may need volunteers to work on a particular project or specific task
  • Notifies the committee chair that a volunteer is available for their program
  • The coordinator tracks all volunteer assignments so that they could be notified for the year-end volunteer recognition award program
  • Volunteers should receive a certificate at the end of the year recognizing their service.  The names of the volunteers for these certificates would come from the Volunteer Coordinator.

At the end of the year, staff would contact all appropriate volunteers inviting them to the Volunteer Recognition program — the Best of Direct.

DMAW Member Recognition Awards

Part of the DMAW Volunteer Committee responsibility, along with the Membership Committee, will be to conduct DMAW’s Award Recognition program which includes the nominations and selections of the

  • Industry All-Star
  • Rising Star
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Partner of the Year

The Nomination process begins in June and award recipients are notified in September. The process includes:

  • Reviewing and updating the applications for each award
  • Membership is notified of the nomination process (application must be submitted by a deadline).  Applications are available on the DMAW Website
  • Applications are received and reviewed by a nomination committee selected by the Volunteer & Membership Chairs
  • Award Recipients are selected; approved by the entire Board and then notified
  • Staff orders plaques or awards in October
  • Award Recipients and a guest are invited to and acknowledged at the Best of Direct Awards normally held in November.

Award for Distinguished Achievement (ADA)

This is DMAW’s highest recognition award.

The selection process for this award begins in June and is handled by the previous year’s award recipient.  Potential candidates are nominated by the members, candidates are then reviewed and voted upon by past award recipients. An honoree is selected and presented to the DMAW Board for final approval.

The Volunteer Committee helps oversee the process.