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Production Week Speaker: Bob Brummer

Bob Brummer, Vice President, Print Mail Communications

As the Vice President of Print Mail Communications, Bob Brummer has over 25 years of experience serving the direct mail industry. For the past fifteen years Bob has helped PMC become one of the largest Full Service Direct Mail Shops in the region. Most recently Bob has focused his efforts in the Client Services side of the business - overseeing sales, marketing and account management teams. Earlier years at PMC responsibilities included many other operations of the business – quality control, hiring, scheduling and production were just some of the areas of focus.

Prior to PMC Bob owned and operated Devonshire Imaging. Devonshire was a data processing and personalization shop supplying local letter shops with personalized material. As a start-up in 1993 Bob oversaw all aspects of the business. Operations, hiring, production management and vendor management were just some of the duties he was responsible for.

Bob Brummer is a graduate of James Madison University, class of 1988.

Register to hear Bob Brummer speak about Mailshop Processing at Production Week on Thursday, April 22 from 1 - 2 PM EDT!