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Production Week Speaker: Tony Sarro

Tony Sarro, VP Sales, Chromagraphics, Inc

Tony is a long-term Washingtonian who started his career in the advertising agency and publishing world in the mid 1980’s. He has been representing his customers and offering great consultation for the past 35 years in the print manufacturing and mailing industry. He excels at building relationships and takes a problem-solving and focused planning approach to print and mailing solutions for his clients. Tony is currently a partner and top sales producer for Chromagraphics, Inc. where he has been for 17 years. He is now assisting Chromagraphics with an exciting merger with Corporate Communications Group targeted for May 2021. During his career, Tony spent over 10 years at a nation-wide printing company, Wallace Inc., which had facilities across the country. There he was recognized in the top sales tier of the company, and he gained knowledge of many types of printing workflows.

Register to hear Tony Sarro speak on The Printing Process at Production Week on Tuesday, April 20 from 1 - 2 PM EDT!