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1.966% – Doesn’t sound like much does it? It will add up!

If you haven’t heard about it yet…if you’re not talking about it and budgeting for it, then you will be in for a surprise come Sunday, April 26, as that is when the US Postal Service has announced its Consumer Price Index (CPI) base rate increase will go into effect.

The overall increase is 1.966%, which is the maximum increase allowed under the CPI cap put in place in the Postal Reform bill of 2006 (PAEA).

Here are some actions that the Commission approved that will affect domestic mail:

  • The Postal Service will maintain the price of the First-Class Mail stamp, which includes the Forever stamp, at 49 cents
  • The single-piece additional ounce for letters will increase from 21 to 22 cents
  • The price of Postcards will increase to 35 cents
  • Presorted Letters/Postcards will increase by 2.422%
  • Flats – 2.437%
  • Parcels – 10.180%
  • The price increases for Mixed AADC, AADC, 3-Digit, and 5-Digit First-Class Automation Presort Letters are 1.0%, 2.6%, 2.6% and 2.7%, respectively
  • Address Correction Services prices are increasing by 5.5%
  • The overall price increase for Business Reply Mail is 2.6%
  • Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode discounts are unchanged

There is a lot more that is happening, including the USPS proposing four promotions that will take place throughout 2015.

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Read Postal Regulatory Commission Order No. 2366