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DMAW Monthly Luncheon | Nov 18

I wanted to make sure you knew that we have a great speaker for our DMAW Monthly Luncheon scheduled for Thursday, November 18.  This speaker could answer some of your challenges, such as…

  • Are you getting today’s consumers to buy your product or service or donate to your cause?
  • Have you figured out your buyer’s/donor’s habits?
  • Are you confident that you are reaching your audience “where they are?”

Find out!  Attend our Monthly Luncheon, sponsored by Adams Hussey & Associates to hear:

Between the Lines:
New Insights Into How Consumers Use Newspaper Inserts, Direct Mail and
the Internet to Make Buying Decisions

Presented by:  Janet Tonner, Senior Analyst, Vertis Communications

Janet will explain the importance of relevant message development across all media platforms, by sharing a generational look at how consumers investigate and make buying decisions. She will also take an in-depth look at how supporters of nonprofit organizations utilize media channels when making decisions to donate.

This lunch is limited to only 45 people – so be sure to register todayIt will fill-up fast!

At one time is was so easy to reach our audience, usually it was one channel-one way.  Now more than ever, consumers turn to multiple media resources when faced with a buying decision. Whether purchasing shampoo or a car, or deciding which charity to support, today’s consumer uses email, direct mail, advertising and the internet to become better informed of each potential purchase.

I hope you take this opportunity to become better informed and will Register today!



PS – Don’t forget that on Friday, November 12, we are conducting a senior level half day seminar on The Coming Transformation of Fundraising:  A New Strategy for Returning to High Growth and Sustainable Fundraising.

PPS – If you can’t attend the lunch or seminar, feel free to pass this information onto someone who you think would be interested!  Thanks, Donna


Donna Tschiffely is Owner of Conference Incorporated and is also the Executive Director of The Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW). Donna has over 36 years experience in the strategic development and execution of conventions, trade shows and special events.