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Privacy…Respect It While Marketing to Your Target Audience

written by Kurt Seiber As a new member to the DMAW, I found the keynote address at the annual to be very relevant and eye-opening. Mark Rasch – Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy Consulting with CSC – gave an awesome presentation! Obviously privacy is always a concern. When you couple that with today’s advanced communications and…

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Cybersecurity Need Not Be Boring

written by Jeff Fowler  When I first opened my invitation to DMAW‘s 2012 annual meeting and noticed the title of the keynote presentation, “Your Privacy. . . Does It Really Exist?”, a word favored by my teenage son flashed through my mind: b o r i n g. Still, it had been some time since I had…

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Cybersecurity Can be Neat and Creepy

written by Milton “Milt” Olekson Kudos to staff, board, committees, and sponsors of the recent DMAW Annual Meeting and Keynote Presentation. The reigns were passed from Kristin McCurry of MINDset Direct to Hilary Baar of The Lukens Company.   Hilary did a great job of introducing and recognizing current and past board members and their contributions.  It was…

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