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Oyster Folds, Pixie Dust, and Lenticular Motion, Oh My! at the IFIT Forum

If you were in the audience of the 2017 DMAW Innovative Formats Integrated Techniques (IFIT) Forum on March 7th in lovely Arlington, VA, you know what I mean when I exclaim, “What a buffet of ideas!” The presentations kicked off promptly at 9:00 am with introductory remarks from the ‘time captains’ and brilliant co-chairs Shannon…

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List Professionals – This One’s for You!

As we list professionals know, the most important part of any direct marketing campaign is the list.  If you are not reaching the right audience your goals will not be achieved.  And on May 11th, The Direct Marketing Association of Washington is holding the one and only annual List Bazaar exclusively for list professionals. That’s right;…

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