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Let’s Get Some Likes! Strategies for Growing Your Audience Among Millennials

One of the perks of working in DC? Being able to walk to the SEIU offices for the June DMAW Lunch and Learn. The first speaker was Millicent Gorham, PhD (Hon), MBA, FAAN, of the National Black Nurses Association. She described millennials as “young people coming of age in 2000, who are the largest, most…

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Secret’s in the Sauce

By: Stephen Godbout You’ve probably heard that phrase before, but now the secret is out. The lovely and talented Carol Ann Faber spilled the beans at DMAW’s Lunch & Learn last Thursday with a spectacular presentation on content marketing: The Secret Sauce of Content Marketing (Turning Prospects into Members, Donors & Customers). But in case…

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You’ve Got Data and the Message. Vehicle Delivery Needed.

“Ha! You’ve got to be kidding.  You can barely walk the dog without getting winded and you think you can run a 10 K….” My inner struggle begins with a glance at a piece of mail. “Sure you used to play baseball back in the day but that was when you had a sliver of…

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