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Let’s Geek Out Over Data!

by Gay Bitter I am a self-professed data geek, so Angela Struebing’s presentation on Multichannel Attribution at the August DMAW Lunch and Learn was right up my alley.  Calculators were not provided but there was plenty of math during this great presentation! So, what is multichannel attribution and why does it matter?  This methodology provides…

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Going Up for the Rebound

by Alexia Bailey For marketers, data is essential, and not just data on our prospects and customers.  We need to have an understanding of the overall economy and the forces that influence buying decisions.  Anirban Basu, Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., gave a lively and information-packed presentation at Wednesday night’s DMAW annual meeting. …

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Tips to Successfully Position and Design Your Online (and Offline!) Brand

by Gay Bitter These days everyone is an online marketer, and Dina Wasmer of Incite Creative reminded us all of the importance of managing our online brand at The DMAW’s February luncheon.  So much valuable information was shared that it’s impossible to get it all into a single blog post, but here are a few ideas…

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