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Be Kind and Rewind…Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

By Alan Rich

In an effort to steer away from the traditional “piece of paper in the tote bag”, sponsors and exhibitors that have been given the opportunity to provide a tote bag insert, are encouraged to think more resourceful, providing useful, valuable and possibly eco-friendly promotional items.

Ideas include:

:: If sponsor/exhibitor is in the digital media market; provide PURLs on a post card insert directing registered attendees to take action, such as a survey to determine if they or their clients are interested in receiving a white paper or link to a webinar of successful marketing campaigns.

:: The sponsor/exhibitor could provide the attendees a link to download music, get a mouse pad, a gift card, etc.

:: Items that can be provided as valuable inserts include:

  • Refillable canteen, metal or non-BPA Nalgene bottle.
  • Luggage/computer bag tag. These can be custom printed. The sponsor/exhibitor logo will be seen where ever the bag travels.
  • Custom printed M&M’s, mouse pads and lollipops, yes, the wrappers of lollipops and the lollipops themselves  can be custom printed.

Much of this can be ordered through a catalog or directly from China, but a better idea might be to partner with a DMAW member that provides specialty promotional items and that is also involved with the conference.

All of these ideas keep the inserts ‘sustainable’, simple, and drives up your brand value to the attendees.


Alan Rich is President of Nova Label Co., Inc, a company that specializes in manufacturing custom printed pressure sensitive labels for industrial, food service and direct marketing industries.

Alan has been a Board Member at the Direct Marketing Association of Washington since 2006.