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Keynote Speakers at the 2011 Bridge Conference Confirmed

By Donna Tschiffely

Whenever I plan to attend a conference, I always look to see: who are the keynote speakers?

For me, while keynote speakers are the thought leaders, I feel they also bring energy and depth to a conference.  Often when I return to the office after a conference, the first thing I talk about is what a particular keynote presenter had to share!  While the education sessions are the meat and potatoes of any conference, the keynote speakers are the dessert with the cherry on top!

This year at the Bridge Conference, we have three notable, yet very different, presenters who are going to bring diverse perspectives to the conference:

  • Bryan Dodge, author and president of Bryan Dodge Development
  • Steve Cone Executive Vice President of Integrated Value and Strategy for AARP
  • Lisa Shannon, author and founder of A Thousand Sisters

While the Bridge Conference will be a treasure trove of information on tactics and strategies for us to use to improve our ROI, increase our membership, lower our donor costs, etc., to be truly effective, we have to focus on our professional growth as well!   Enter, Bryan Dodge! Bryan will be sharing his lessons of successful habits and leadership principles – skills that are as important as learning tactics and strategy.

Steven Cone, a national leader in marketing and brand communication, will present, Steal These Ideas:  Why the Basic Principles of Marketing Never Change – Even in the Digital Age.  This topic couldn’t be more relevant as we grapple with new generations that can’t imagine life without a laptop or smart phone.

And, in a world where the stories we tell and hear are becoming more and more vital, you’ll be astounded by the story Lisa Shannon will share with us.  Lisa founded the first national grassroots effort to raise awareness and funds for women in the DR Congo – the most dangerous place on earth for women.  You will be appalled at the atrocities, inspired by the bravery and perhaps even compelled to do more in your own community!

I hope you have the 2011 Bridge Conference slated on your calendar to attend.  Besides our keynote speakers, there are the top-notch educational sessions, the Solutions Showcase, and, of course, networking events.

This year, I’m pleased to announce that our Best Value rates are actually the pricing from 2008!  So, please be sure to register before tomorrow, when our Best Value rates will expire!

Visit to read a description about each track, the specific topics and the speakers presenting them.  I look forward to seeing you at the Bridge Conference and sharing the experience with you!


Donna Tschiffely is the Executive Director of The Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW). Contact her at