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What the Data Tells Us: Biggest Takeaways from 2017

Why would a college professor drive 3 hours each way through DC traffic for a DMAW Wake Up & Learn session? HINT: The answer is a 4-letter word… DATA! That’s right—you say analytics, and I say, “YES, please!” Carol Rhine’s insightful Target Analytics presentation was definitely worth the trip from Salisbury, MD. I’m a firm…

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Nonprofits Must Leverage Millennials to Navigate the Digital Era

Digital communications have undoubtedly become an integral part of daily life. President Trump’s tweets instantaneously reach over 30 million people worldwide. Media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and BuzzFeed routinely use Facebook Live and other digital applications to engage with supporters and share breaking news. Through Instagram and Snapchat, high…

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Let’s Get Some Likes! Strategies for Growing Your Audience Among Millennials

One of the perks of working in DC? Being able to walk to the SEIU offices for the June DMAW Lunch and Learn. The first speaker was Millicent Gorham, PhD (Hon), MBA, FAAN, of the National Black Nurses Association. She described millennials as “young people coming of age in 2000, who are the largest, most…

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