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Multi Channel vs. Integrated Marketing: A Crash Course

Last week I was excited to attend DMAW’s Crash Course on Integrated Marketing. As a provider of content to the nonprofit industry, I’m always on the hunt for cutting edge information and making new friends – both easy to come by at this fun and informative daylong event. There were four case studies followed by…

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Multichannel Attribution

by Brenna Holmes Conversion, whether through purchases, donations, or email sign-ups, is the ultimate goal of every direct marketing campaign, and our ability to increase conversion rates is predicated on our capacity to understand the factors leading to successful conversions. Last-click attribution once was the measure of choice online. However, giving sole credit to the…

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Let’s Geek Out Over Data!

by Gay Bitter I am a self-professed data geek, so Angela Struebing’s presentation on Multichannel Attribution at the August DMAW Lunch and Learn was right up my alley.  Calculators were not provided but there was plenty of math during this great presentation! So, what is multichannel attribution and why does it matter?  This methodology provides…

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