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Three Steps to a Better Performing Website

  Why do your competitors’ websites continuously outrank and seemingly outperform your own? It’s a question many organizations may find themselves asking. But thanks to the relative open nature of the Internet, we can grab glimpses of their digital strategies—and see what’s working. In this post, we will briefly examine steps your digital team can…

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The age old debate….”what makes a package successful?

By Vickie Norman The age old debate….”what makes a package successful? it is the is the lists..copy…lists…copy..lists…”.  As we know it is the lists…that comes from a list manager/broker…. Wednesday, April 28th list managers, brokers, owners, data providers, mailers, and ANYONE who is involved in the list side of direct marketing will come together…

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Measure For Measure: Three Things You Can Do Now

By Eric Andrade Eric’s views are his own and do not necessarily represent those of the association. David Ogilvy contended that the most important word in advertising is TEST. While he spoke mainly about pre-testing prior to launch, testing is more important than ever as budgets shrink and the demands for accountability are grow. From…

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