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The age old debate….”what makes a package successful?

By Vickie Norman

The age old debate….”what makes a package successful? it is the is the lists..copy…lists…copy..lists…”.  As we know it is the lists…that comes from a list manager/broker….

Wednesday, April 28th list managers, brokers, owners, data providers, mailers, and ANYONE who is involved in the list side of direct marketing will come together discuss a wide range of topics regarding lists.

The day will start with a nonprofit organization that has benefited from Direct Marketing’s successful fundraising.  Dr. Guy Eakin from American Health Assistance Foundation to share the innovative research the AHAF has be able to help fund.  The day will be filled with many networking opportunities as well as informative sessions on List Optimization, Mulit-touchpoint Marketing, list service providers and sharing opportunities.  The day will be capped off with an afternoon wine and cheese party as we learn more about social networking.  Anyone in the direct marketing industry would benefit from this program.  Go to for registration!


Vickie Norman joined Robertson Mailing List Company in February 2000 as Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. In that capacity, she has led the company to a doubling of their list management properties (now over 48) and has developed a brokerage program excelling in both political and charitable direct mail.

RMLC has proudly worked with a large variety of non-profit charitable and political organizations in markets including seniors, social issues, Christian, political, books and newsletters.