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Are you ready to take a Sustainer-Forward approach?

Are you ready to take a Sustainer-Forward approach? First, I’d love to give a huge shout-out to the DMAW as an organization that has had a Sustainer-Forward approach for years. The DMAW has offered special sustainer tracks during the Bridge conference, sustainer pre-Bridge workshops, then Sustainer Day, Sustainer World and now Sustainer Week, coming up…

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The Donor Who Keeps on Giving—How Often to Appeal to Your Monthly Givers

At the recent Bridge Conference, I ran into a colleague who asked me the question that many nonprofits grapple with: How often should you ask your existing sustainers for more money? We know that monthly donors are a good source of revenue, but if you aren’t asking for extra gifts during the year, your ‘single’…

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Monthly or Bust: Creating a Sustainer Culture

  On his very first day as membership director, Dane Grams strove to make monthly donors the centerpiece to the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) sustainer strategy. Why? Well, as he convinced the HRC development team—and now the audience at the DMAW Lunch & Learn: Sustainer Recruitment and Engagement event—monthly sustainers give the most money over…

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