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Guide to finding a job in the rough economy – NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!

By Mike Thornsbury

As I think back over my years as a member of DMAW (going on 10 years now), I can always point to one of the biggest values I have gotten from the membership, networking.   The strong network of colleagues I have made from DMAW, many of whom I call my very good friends these days, has been an invaluable resource.

All the events and conferences that DMAW provides to its members and members-to-be is an opportunity to expand your network.   As a member, don’t look at just the stated networking events as opportunities, but all the educational sessions, luncheons, the Bridge Conference are all great times to meet new colleagues and find additional resources for what you may do now, or could do in the future.  

We all, even if we don’t have a clear view of it, have a picture of how our career will develop over time.  The people you meet and interact with can help shape that picture and even clear up the blurry spots you may have trouble focusing on.  And, as we have all seen in this rough and tumble economy that picture can be turned off the table and broken to pieces.   This is where having a strong network can help in changing that picture and keeping you on the right career track.  Reach out! Even though it may seem to you that you are not in the position to help others, so why would they help you…you never know when you might be in the position again and the people that help you might come looking for the same assistance.   The key to networking is always pay it forward!  

Really the best way to get the most of your DMAW membership is to BE ACTIVE!  Go to events, learn from the people around you and build a network of friend and colleagues you can count on for the rest of your career.