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DM 201: Stop Getting Comfortable and Start Innovating

DM 201 is an intermediate-level course that’s perfect for anyone who already has some direct marketing experience under their belt—whether at an agency, nonprofit, list broker, production company, or analytics firm—and wants to go beyond the basics. Somewhere between being a total newbie and seasoned vet things start to fall into place. We get comfortable…

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What the Data Tells Us: Biggest Takeaways from 2017

Why would a college professor drive 3 hours each way through DC traffic for a DMAW Wake Up & Learn session? HINT: The answer is a 4-letter word… DATA! That’s right—you say analytics, and I say, “YES, please!” Carol Rhine’s insightful Target Analytics presentation was definitely worth the trip from Salisbury, MD. I’m a firm…

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DM201: Take the Next Step in Your Professional Development

by John Spencer  When modeling analytics met Big Data it was a heaven match.  The marriage of the two has led to incredible advances in direct marketing technologies and efficiencies.  And, while marketers rejoice in the smarter use of their ever-tightening budgets, the real winners are consumers. Let’s take a big step back in time.  In…

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