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#DM101: The Fundamentals of Innovative Marketing

#DM101: The Fundamentals of Innovative Marketing This year, I think I am more excited than I have ever been for DM 101. The event is always energizing, and I love the opportunity to connect with new talent in our industry. After 2020, however, connections like these mean more. I also love the virtual format. Though…

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DM 201: Stop Getting Comfortable and Start Innovating

DM 201 is an intermediate-level course that’s perfect for anyone who already has some direct marketing experience under their belt—whether at an agency, nonprofit, list broker, production company, or analytics firm—and wants to go beyond the basics. Somewhere between being a total newbie and seasoned vet things start to fall into place. We get comfortable…

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News Flash— Direct Mail and Print Not Dead

Technology isn’t killing direct mail… It’s making it more efficient, cheaper and adding new options to the game. So before you ring the bell to bring out your dead direct mail programs, take a step back, breathe and ask yourself: how can I take advantage of all this? If you missed the DMAW Production Strategies…

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