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The REAL Gifts in the Fundraising Industry

By Ben Harris, President, Production Solutions

The global pandemic has been plodding along in the USA for over 800 days, and the most jarring statistics to me are the millions of lives lost, the millions of jobs lost or resigned, and the many millions with increased symptoms of depression or burnout. The pandemic, for many of us, has created this chronic state of powerlessness or languishing – which directly impacts our psychology and effectiveness. [Read more]



Sip, Socialize, and Speed-Network with YDMAW

Being a young professional in direct marketing can prove challenging when you’re new to the industry. Everyone is seemingly already an expert and finding others in the same boat is daunting in a room full of strangers. This has always been a challenge, but that journey became even more difficult after the 2020 COVID outbreak when many companies went fully remote.  While it is important for us to safely start to mingle, build new relationships, and re-establish old connections, we are still finding ourselves in a position where that’s much easier said than done.

For everyone who has felt or continues to feel this way—you are not alone! YDMAW is taking these challenges head-on by creating a young professionals space where we can meet others our own age with diverse experiences and similar ambitions. [read more]

In December 2021, the DMAW community came together in person for the first time in almost two years to award the venerable Hall of Leaders Award, which this year went to Roger Hiyama, Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovations of Wiland. 

To be recognized, the nominees for the Hall of Leaders award are voted on by previous winners and approved by the DMAW Board, making it truly a peer recognition award. There are four specific criteria for the Award: [read more]

PART II -  Using Premiums to Retain Donors

Ok, so you can get more donors at a nice investment using premiums.  You can even get economies of scale on production, lowering cost per piece because you can find more names to mail.  But now you have a lot of donors who aren’t committed, won’t renew, churn and burn – or so the critics say.  The numbers say something different.

Including premiums strategically in a house file or renewal schedule – starting with repeating your acquisition package at least once or twice a year to those donors – will also increase your response rates.  Improved response rates will increase retention rates.  [read more]

What’s Old is New Again

February 17, 2021

Blogs Let’s look at Direct Mail first. It still has a lot going for it. It demands response – even if only to recycle. It’s familiar to older demographics and can be a novelty to younger ones. And specialized agencies have spent decades refining direct mail technique so results can be very good. But Direct…

The Election is Over, Now What?

December 4, 2020

Blogs In theory, a webinar held 2 weeks after election day on learnings from this cycle, should have delivered the “over” in terms of the final result. Unfortunately, this was not to be. While all the votes were cast, the counting continued and even now the efforts to change the projected outcome continue. Even though…

How to slay your mailings – this spooky season and all year round

October 19, 2020

How to slay your mailings – this spooky season and all year round Want to know the secret to killer creative, this spooky season and all year round? Then look no further than the insights shared in this spook-tacular webinar by three seasoned industry pros. From strategy to creative to the mailhouse, read on to…

On with the Show!

October 6, 2020

Blogs When the pandemic first hit in March (which seems like several years ago at this point), we were riddled with nonstop questions… “How long will quarantine last? What will happen to our results? Will donors still give?” As a DMAW Board member, the most common question I was asked during those first few weeks…

What music videos can teach us about digital marketing right now

September 25, 2020

Life imitates art, oddly at times. As we round the corner to end 2020, I’m looking anywhere I can for inspiration. In other words, recently I found myself in a YouTube rabbit hole and uncovered some amazing parallels to the state of nonprofit marketing right now. Virtual Insanity. More than two decades ago, Jamiroquai exploded…

Data Strategy Forum: Forward Looking, Historically Correct

September 22, 2020

Blogs Back in 2016, it wasn’t an easy decision to rebrand an event with a history as rich and valued as the DMAW List Bazaar. However, with great challenges comes great opportunity and we knew we had an opportunity to deliver a truly unique event to DMAW’s membership while also expanding the appeal of the…

It’s a Great, Great Sustainers World

September 2, 2020

Blogs I’m really excited because it seems that monthly giving, sustainer giving is finally taking off. The way it should be. The way I’ve seen it work in Europe. The way I’ve seen it work in organizations, committed to growing their sustainer programs. But to be honest, it’s been coming very slowly. Nonprofits here have…

The Digital Fundraiser’s Blind Spot

August 25, 2020

Blogs You may not realize it, but you and I have blind spots. And I don’t mean metaphorically (at least not yet), I mean your eyes literally have areas where they can not see. Most of the time, our blind spots are unrecognizable—but they are very real—and I am about to prove it to you.…

In Support of Direct Mail

August 17, 2020

In Support of Direct Mail “Direct mail is outdated! Who responds to mail anymore?” “Direct mail acquisition costs too much.” “Digital is the future of fundraising.” For anyone who has spent time in the direct mail space, these criticisms of direct mail are familiar. To be honest, even I had some of these thoughts before…

Virtual Acquisition Strategy Forum

June 26, 2020

Blogs Virtual Acquisition Strategy Forum Earlier this month, several members of our team had the pleasure of attending the virtual DMAW Acquisition Strategy Forum. The forum was informative for anyone interested in developing multi-channel acquisition and covered all aspects of acquisition strategy, including audience development, creative strategy, analytics, and retention. If you weren’t able to…