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A Brave New World: Changes In Our DM Eco-System

By Graham Ruffels

I, like many, have increased my reading of trade publications over the past year in order to keep up with what DM thought leaders are saying about where the industry is headed.  You don’t have to read much past the title of most articles and it is obvious –  the multi-channel, closed loop model has arrived – or at least has evolved significantly.

Strangely absent (from but a few) is the actual implementation of such campaigns.  Is it the inherent fear in a recession to change from the tried and true methods of the past?  Is it a general lack of understanding for how to place the pieces of the puzzle together?  Or is it that current agency models have not yet caught up?

The truth is, I don’t have the answer.  However, I do believe these needs have forced the hand of our DM eco-system. 

It appears to be a race to the finish line.   Service providers are offering more value added services and leading conversations that otherwise were reserved for the “marketing folk” to maintain relevancy. 

What changes that will have on those otherwise clear cut relationships is yet to seen and may ultimately be decided by the end user of those services.


Graham Ruffels is President at Victory DM, a premium-item based direct mail production firm. Victory dm specializes in CRM, acquisition and retention campaigns. Victory works collaboratively to assist clients reach their full potential. Whether it’s simply production or complete package services that include art, data and analytics, Victory can accomodate each individual situation.