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Best of Direct – A Really Good Event

By Hilary Baar

Last year, DMAW and the DMAW Educational Foundation had their inaugural “Best of Direct” event recognizing leaders and volunteers.  Several notable awards are given each year at this event.  The following is a list of awards given as well as the 2009 recipient. 

Other awards given include:

  • DMAW-EF Sisk Award for Direct Marketing Vision
  • DMAW-EF John Swain Memorial Scholarship
  • DMAW-EF O’Hara Leadership Award, and
  • DMAW-EF Joan Throckmorton Award for Creative Excellence. 

 I have to admit, I was blown away by this event – and not because I was on the planning committee.  In this fast-paced electronic communication world, I had forgotten how great it was to see my colleagues.

Why talk about last year? Because as you choose where to invest this year, it’s important to remember what has paid off.


Hilary Baar is an Account Director at The Lukens Company and member of  the Direct Marketing Association of Washington