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It’s not your grandma’s telefundraising anymore!

When I talk to younger fundraisers, they often say: “Why would I use the phone? I never answer it.”  Not surprising –  they’re just like our sons, who are now 29 and 31 years old. But herein lies the problem. What you as a (young) person may think to be true may not actually be…

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Mobile. It’s not just for selfies anymore.

The rise of mobile—it’s a phrase you no doubt have heard at marketing events for years. But get ready to hear it one more time because mobile use has hit a number of benchmark highs this past year that are reinforcing just how critical it is for nonprofits to up their mobile game. The Numbers…

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Lights, Camera, Action: Turning Views into Donations

Views and likes are everything nice, but do they really help drive donations and web traffic? According to See3 Communications CEO Michael Hoffman, those likes and views don’t mean much if they don’t turn into action—and that means you have to be reaching the right people. During the DMAW co-hosted webinar “How to Create an…

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