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Twitter as a Direct Response Channel

By Hilary Baar

Yes, Twitter is now main stream.  When I first learned about Twitter at DMAW’s New Media conference two years ago from Geoff Livingston, I had no idea how it would be used.  The day after the conference, I dutifully went back to my office and signed up for a Twitter account.  And, that’s where it stopped for two years.  Then, one day I wanted to follow the UT vs. LSU college baseball World Series game.  I wondered if there was a Twitter update of the score – and there was.  Then, I found out that my favorite frozen custard shop, the Dairy Godmother, twittered the all-important flavor of the day.  Following these two tweets started to get me hooked.  I love the immediacy and brevity of the tweets – and most importantly, the relevancy.  But, one Saturday morning, my opinion of Twitter was changed forever because I finally saw the potential.  On that Saturday, the Dairy Godmother had twittered a special of the day (chicken salad in a waffle cone; sounds strange but extremely yummy).  We got our cone and all of a sudden a woman came rushing through the door – her immediate question “do you still have the chicken salad specials?”  Wow, now that is direct response.


Hilary is an Account Director at The Lukens Company and member of  the Direct Marketing Association of Washington