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The Online Brand Message…Should I Attend?

by David Plaut

“Build it and they will come.” Well, maybe but will they keep coming? And who will come? Customers? … Probably. Competitors? …Definitely.

I happened to come up with the right product at the right time about 20 years ago and come they did. I created software in 1990 to help students write papers in APA Style. I created this for myself while in school and other students asked to use it. Someone suggested I sell it so I hung a few flyers around school. The rest is history, as they say, but now, 22 years later I have a lot of competition and marketing our product is just not that simple anymore.

Our previous marketing company just was not cutting it. They basically expanded on my flyer idea with better artwork and copy and, while that worked at first, it just could not stand up to the competition.

We’ve been working with Incite Creative for several years now. At first we only wanted some targeted projects but recently we decided to expand our marketing efforts. Dina Wasmer and her staff came up with not just ideas, but an overall strategy tied together by a common theme and design elements. She has us involved in projects that I at first thought had nothing to do with what we sell but now realize it is all about getting attention. She developed a presence for us on Facebook and Twitter, has us blogging, hooked us up with SEO consultants and rebuilt our web site from the ground up incorporating all of these elements and strategies.

I’ve seen Dina’s web site and newsletters and know that she practices what she preaches. So listen to her, she knows what she is talking about.

If you are on the fence about attending the February DMAW lunch to hear about How to Successfully Position and Design your Organization’s Online Brand, I encourage you to REGISTER NOW.  You won’t be disappointed.
David Plaut