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Part 2 – The REAL Gifts in the Fundraising Industry

By Ben Harris, President, Production Solutions

Any company serving the direct marketing industry, especially those serving non-profits, should be universally referred to as ESSENTIAL Partners.

We must acknowledge and adopt this Essential Partners terminology to move away from terms like vendor, supplier, printer, mailer, commingler, trucker, etc. Research has proven that changing the way we speak to others (and ourselves) through making better word choices can impact our optimism and improve the willingness of others to hear what we are saying.

These Essential Partners’ resilience, ingenuity, and courage exhibited over the past 800+ days was the reason most, if not all, organizations had some of their best years of fundraising in the past two decades. [Read more]

Part 1 – The REAL Gifts in the Fundraising Industry

By Ben Harris, President, Production Solutions

The global pandemic has been plodding along in the USA for over 800 days, and the most jarring statistics to me are the millions of lives lost, the millions of jobs lost or resigned, and the many millions with increased symptoms of depression or burnout. The pandemic, for many of us, has created this chronic state of powerlessness or languishing – which directly impacts our psychology and effectiveness. [Read more]



Sip, Socialize, and Speed-Network with YDMAW

Being a young professional in direct marketing can prove challenging when you’re new to the industry. Everyone is seemingly already an expert and finding others in the same boat is daunting in a room full of strangers. This has always been a challenge, but that journey became even more difficult after the 2020 COVID outbreak when many companies went fully remote.  While it is important for us to safely start to mingle, build new relationships, and re-establish old connections, we are still finding ourselves in a position where that’s much easier said than done.

For everyone who has felt or continues to feel this way—you are not alone! YDMAW is taking these challenges head-on by creating a young professionals space where we can meet others our own age with diverse experiences and similar ambitions. [read more]

In December 2021, the DMAW community came together in person for the first time in almost two years to award the venerable Hall of Leaders Award, which this year went to Roger Hiyama, Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovations of Wiland. 

To be recognized, the nominees for the Hall of Leaders award are voted on by previous winners and approved by the DMAW Board, making it truly a peer recognition award. There are four specific criteria for the Award: [read more]

PART II -  Using Premiums to Retain Donors

Ok, so you can get more donors at a nice investment using premiums.  You can even get economies of scale on production, lowering cost per piece because you can find more names to mail.  But now you have a lot of donors who aren’t committed, won’t renew, churn and burn – or so the critics say.  The numbers say something different.

Including premiums strategically in a house file or renewal schedule – starting with repeating your acquisition package at least once or twice a year to those donors – will also increase your response rates.  Improved response rates will increase retention rates.  [read more]

I will Survive! – DMAW Annual Meeting Recap

March 16, 2011

By Hilary Baar 1970-something song lyric or our current economic condition? I will Survive! While it wasn’t Gloria Gaynor at the podium belting out her 1978 hit, “I Will Survive,” the message we heard at the DMAW Annual Meeting on 28 February was every bit as encouraging and stirring! Mr Anirban Basu, a noted economist…

DMAW March 2011 Update

March 10, 2011

WHAT’S HOT! MARCH MONTHLY LUNCHEON Fundraising Trends Carol Rhine, Senior Fundraising Analyst, Target Analytics, A Blackbaud Company will present, “2011 Fundraising Trends.” Sponsored by Integral, LLC This Target Analytics report summarizes direct marketing giving for many of the largest non-profit organizations in the country.  Carol will present a 2010 vs. 2009 comparison of fundraising revenue…

Sumbit Your MAXI Application Today!

February 22, 2011

Face it. You do great work. Why keep it a secret? Your long hours, great ideas and outstanding results deserve recognition. Share your successes with the direct marketing industry and submit your winning campaigns to the DMAW MAXI Award Competition! Winning a MAXI – Marketing Award for eXcellence and Innovation – gives you and your company…

Anirban Basu & You!

February 17, 2011

You are invited to attend the “Back to the Future – 2011 Economic Outlook” presentation by Anirban Basu, J.D., Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., on February 28 at the 2011 DMAW Annual Business Meeting and Reception. As one of the region’s 20 most powerful business leaders in 2010 as named by the Baltimore…

The DMAW February Monthly Luncheon

February 10, 2011

Join us at the DMAW February Monthly Luncheon Thursday, February 17 | 12 noon – 2:00 pm SEIU Conference Center 1800 Massachusetts Ave., NW | Washington, DC The Adaptive Organization presented by Karen Depew, President, Northwood Consulting What will organizations need to look like to not only survive but thrive in the 21st Century? How do…

DMAW February 2011 Update

February 3, 2011

NEW DATE & TIME FOR ANIRBAN BASU The NEW DATE and TIME for the DMAW Annual Meeting & Anirban Basu’s keynote presentation is MONDAY, FEB. 28, 5:00-7:30pm, at the City Club Columbia Square. Basu’s presentation, “Back to the Future – A Look at the 2011 Economy and Beyond”, will be followed by cocktails & hors d’oeuvres.  Basu’s presentation should generate interesting conversation and…

Webinar: Protecting Your Donor’s Dollars – Non-Profit Fraud Prevention and Awareness

January 13, 2011

You are working hard at creating an effective, results-oriented fundraising campaign for your organization…only to find out there is internal fraud.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2010 stats, the non-profit Fraud Frequency rate was 9.6% and the median loss was $90,000.  That’s a lot of money to recoup in a fundraising…

Intelligent Mail Barcode for Mailpieces

December 16, 2010

IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) is the new USPS requirement beginning May 2011. The IMb replaces the Postnet and (if you use it) the Planet Code barcodes. All outgoing and incoming pieces of presorted (First and Standard Class) mail MUST contain the new barcode. And, with a long ‘tail’ on returns, you bet you’ll need it…

DMAW November Networking Luncheon Recap

December 9, 2010

By Gail Diggs During the November DMAW luncheon, Janet Tonner of Vertis Communications (a full-service marketing communications company with offices across North America) shared information and statistics that marketers in any industry could put to great use. Her presentation, entitled “Between the Lines”, was designed to provide new insights into how consumers use newspaper inserts,…

The 3rd Annual Best of Direct Gala

November 23, 2010

You and your staff are cordially invited to join our awards ceremony and holiday party! The 3rd Annual Best of Direct Gala Thursday, December 2 6:00PM – 10:00PM at the National Geographic Society Building For the past two years, our gala has lifted the spirits of our guests and our DMAW and DMAW  Educational Foundation award…